b is for ball

my favorite things, toys, balls

ball is probably one of my favorite toys in the world! i can have endless hours of fun just by throwing balls around the house or shooting them in the hoop, using this basketball playset that my ninang jackie gifted me for christmas. if you’ve been here on my corner on occasions, am sure you’ve read a number of posts about balls. they are, after all, a little guy’s best friend. remember that cool barney song? 😉

my favorite things, toys, balls

i enjoy playing ball in many ways: throwing them around, playing with  my mum and making use of our screen door as a make-shift goal when i wanted to play soccer! but one of my most favorite will have to be swimming in a pool of balls whenever mum brings me to a play area in the city! check my post about my recent trip to activefun here.

balls, my favorite things, toys

i hope you like my recent photos having a ball!

enjoy + have a great day ahead! 🙂

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image credit goes out to tita moi for the first photo! 🙂

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colors, colors, colors!

toys, play

i have accumulated quite a few number of toys in my almost-two-years of life. mum + dad do not really buy me that often, only on special occasions or when we find something that i really like. plus, i also have some that are gifted to me on my first birthday!


here are a few of my favorite things, my toys, in a joyful array of lively + lovely colors! i simply love the burst of colors! orange, white, black, blue, red + yellow! my toys include my soccer ball, my car, my shape sorter, some balls, blocks + eggs, to name a few 😀

what has been coloring your world lately? share your color connection tales with us here:


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