kids in doodles: swimming lessons

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
that’s me on the first day of swimming class, learning how to kick my feet!

hello again playmates? how’s your summer so far? i have quite a busy one. apart from the numerous activities we have to do {did i tell you we watched ironman3 again last may 1st with my titas + my kuya sean this time?}. mum, dad + i also spend overnight in a hotel in the city + i kind of enjoyed sleeping in a very cold place. i had a wonderful time, we even went on a swim in the hotel’s 6th floor pool.

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
swimming with my classmates, that’s me in the green/blue rashguard

anyway, speaking of swimming, the thing that is keeping me occupied this summer is my swimming class! mum enrolled me again this year + to say that i am having a great time is actually an understatement. i simply love swimming in the water + when mum agreed that we tag along my car water toys, it was even better! i also enjoy playing with my classmates + learning from my coach. but mostly i just love wading + swimming in the water while coach joy teaches the other students by the poolside. πŸ˜€

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
that’s me swimming in the 6ft pool on the 9th day

mum said i have a unique style of learning how to swim, but she was also most pleased that compared to last year i now know how to kick my feet + will occasionally move my arms if need be! i am almost through with my lessons, i have only 1 session left. but i bet my coach thinks i need to stay for a few more session so that i can totally learn how to swim. so maybe we’ll go down the local resort a few more times for a few more weeks.

kids in doodles, my favorite things, summer, toddler, swimming class, best things to do this summer,
the 9-10am toddler class

if i learn how to swim this summer i bet mum will be so delighted, but i know that she primarily just wants me to enjoy + have a great time which is what exactly i am doing. so i guess, it is mission accomplished for us both! after my swimming lessons, mum + i will be checking out the local playschool so that i can enroll, i cannot wait! πŸ˜€

how about you? how’s your summer turning so far + what’s keeping you preoccupied? join us + share your awesome doodles with us. do add one of these badges + link up. visit our other playmate + send them cheers, too! see yah! πŸ™‚

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kids in doodles: watching the avengers


kids in doodles, movies, toddlers, best things to do this summer

i have always been interested with the avengers movie ever since mum pointed it out in the tellie one time + when we got thor’s hammer free from the pack of my favorite hotdogs dad bought a few weeks back. i would make it a point to blurt out “avenger” whenever i see the trailer + photos that mum promised we’d watch it as soon as we had the chance. + lucky me, we just did, last sunday! πŸ™‚

after visiting expo mom, where i get to see cool stuffs + interesting toys to play with, we headed to mega mall to watch the avengers. it was a fun + enjoyable film to see! although, i was covering my ears most of the time + asked mum to cover my eyes, too, especially when the big, green monster hulk is shown, i would stay i rather enjoyed it + would recommend for other kids to see it, too. just make sure you see it with your mums, right? + ask them to cover your eyes + ears, too, when those loud + action-packed scenes are shown.

kids in doodles, movies, out + about, best things to do this summer, toddlers

my favorite avenger will have to be ironman, he is just way too cool, what with all the features he possesses! + do check out that scene where he tried to propel their ship back up in the air! + that thing he has up on his bulding’s roof top is just amazing! okay, i won’t tell anymore, the film is good + you better see it for yourself!

meanwhile, check out our cool photos with iron man. tita cecille took this right after we got our movie tickets after braving the long queue at the ticket booth. πŸ™‚

what is the latest movie you’ve seen? share that or any of your doodles stories with us, do not forget to visit other participants to make our game more fun, right? check out the rules of our game + the badges hereΒ Β πŸ™‚

thanks tita mirage for the linkie πŸ™‚

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