happy birthday daddy!

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it is my daddy’s birthday today + i would like to greet him a happy one!

thank you daddy for bringing me to the arcade to play my favorite games + riding all the awesome rides! thank you for spending time with me + mummy. thank you for downloading all my favorite games + teaching me how to play them. thank you for watching all those great movies with me + for downloading loads of films we can watch at home over + over again !

thank you for being a cool dad + for letting me be! thank you for everything you do for me + mum + for supporting us + loving us. thank you for everything dad! i wish you all the best + that may God bless you more!

happy birthday daddy! i love you so much! 


image is from freedigitalphotos.net

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a superman birthday party

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a few weeks back, mum + i attended the birthday celebration of my playschool classmate, don.  it was held at the local shakey’s branch + was a superman-themed party. don was in a very cool superman costume. there are a lot of kids with their mums + dads who  joined to celebrate the happy day. there was also a clown/magician who performed awesome magic tricks! there are also a number of contests that the guests were so eager to join in.

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i was a tad sleepy when we got there, so i am not in the best of mood. mum found it hard to snap even one decent photo of me, but my mood changed when i saw one of my playschool classmates, miggy. it has been awhile since he went to school with us + we really missed him. he is such a cool guy + very fun to play with.

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after the program was over, all the kids are called to line up to get some cool superman treat from the birthday boy + look what i got! the superman water bottle was my instant favorite. apart from it, i also got stickers, a puzzle, a couple of cups filled with candies, a superman mailman bag + this cool red cape which i hope to wear really soon.

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of course, i never left the party without having some photos taken with my classmate + everyone else. good thing don’s mum, tita jhona, was quick enough to grab me before i wander off somewhere else!  it sure was a cool party! happy birthday again, buddy, mum + i wish you all the best! 😀

last image is from tita jhona’s facebook page {grabbed with her permission, of course}

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kids in doodles: what we did on my birthday

kids in doodles
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hello again boys + girls! sorry i we were not able to post kid last week, i was clever enough to keep mum away from the pc whenever i want to watch my favorite videos on youtube, see! 😀 oh well, i have told you all about my birthday celebration at my playschool last time, this time i will be telling you all about what we did on my birthday.

birthdays, kids in doodles, out + about, toys, my favorite things, occasions, family time

mum promised that we are going to enjoy on my birthday + we did! we were in sm north edsa around lunch time to eat at aristocrat’s. as you all know i am not really too fond of solid food yet so i just had a couple of spoonfuls of our noodles for that day. the grown ups all enjoyed the food + they were telling good stuff about this caldereta dish, which, of course, i did not taste! 🙂 + did i mention i already opened my gifts + look what i got, michelangelo and leonardo ninja turtles action figures! wee!

birthdays, kids in doodles, out + about, toys, my favorite things, occasions, family time

after dining and snapping some photos, mum + i proceeded to one of my favorite stores, toy kingdom! she promised she’d get me another toy plus tita cel also told mum to get me another gift! it was difficult to choose among the different cars diecast on display + the new disney planes diecast. in the end, we got the rest of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, raphael + donatello + mum got me the doubledecker bus diecast, too! ^_^

by the way, i also got to play with the slide in front of the toy store + posed with their lifesize ben10 statue, too! cool, right?

birthdays, kids in doodles, out + about, toys, my favorite things, occasions, family time

afterwards, it is time for us to watch the new disney movie, planes, which i am all excited about. it was made by the same people who made cars + cars2 that is why some of the characters look rather familiar + the tractors even made a cameo in that film. it was a good watch + i now have new favorites, dusty crophopper + el chupacabra! mum enjoyed the film, too! 🙂

birthdays, kids in doodles, out + about, toys, my favorite things, occasions, family time

after watching the film, we went out to the mall’s outdoor area to stroll a bit + look around, but since mum noticed i was too eager to play with my new toys, we decided to head back home.  i was tired but i really had a wonderful time. it was one enjoyable + memorable birthday! 😀

your turn now to share your fun + awesome doodles with us, link up using one of our badges here +  hop on to as many playmates as you can to make our game all the more exciting! now i wait for you entries. happy tuesday! 🙂

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kids in doodles: my playschool birthday celebration

hello again playmates! time flies too quickly + it is the “ber” months already. we almost failed to notice as we are too busy last week for me + mum;s birthday. i wish i could invite you all to our celebration but since you cannot join, for this week’s kids in doodles, i will tell you all about my birthday party! 😀

we had a simple celebration a day before my birthday at my playschool + all my classmates + my teacher were there to celebrate with us! it was a minion-themed birthday party + teacher kai made this cool minion cake + cupcakes just for me! 😀

mum prepared everything, with a little help from my tito ken, my titas + dad, too! we’ve prepared minion lootbags + prizes for the party games. a day before the party, mum + tita jinky was so busy preparing the balloons + the piñata. tita cecille also helped in cutting out little minions for our create-a-minion game!

on the day of the party, mum, tita cecille + i were in my playschool very early. we arrived before any of my classmates arrived! ates rica + april helped mum set up the balloons and put the piñata somewhere we can easily play with it. dad bought loads of candies to fill our minion piñata, he also bought spaghetti + chicken from jollibee! 🙂

when my teacher + classmates arrived, we started my celebration by creating our very own minion + coloring the minion color pages that mum printed for the occasion. we also sang our favorite action songs + got a number of stamps from teacher kai. miggy, one of my classmates, arrived late, but i am glad he was still able to celebrate with us.

after the activities, they lit up my number 4 candle + everyone sang a birthday song for me. i was a little excited i blew the candle before the birthday song even started that we had to do it over again! 😀 we then ate the jollibee meals prepared for us.

my favorite part of the celebration is when mum + i got to pull on the piñata + a gazillion of candies dropped! everyone was busy picking candies + lollipops everywhere! i enjoyed it so much i wanted to do it again! 😀 we were not able to do anymore games as my boy classmates + i were not too keen to participate!

mum distributed our minion lootbags afterwards + gave each of my classmates a prize. everyone loved the minion toys + key chain we have included in our loot.

mum said this is the very first party that i actually enjoyed + appreciated, she mused that maybe because i am a bit grown up now + have finally learned to appreciate stuff like this. it was one of the most enjoyable days of my life + i thank everyone who was part of it. ^_^

time for you to share your exciting experience last week, it can be anything you did or made last week. include one of our badges + link up. do not forget to drop by the other participants to make our gave even more fun, right? i will wait for your colorful doodles then! 🙂

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Gifts + Colorful Lego Starwars

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Mum + I have been invited to my twin neighbors’ birthday celebration on Sunday to be held at the local Jollibee branch in our city. They will be turning 5 this year, just a year older than I am. If you would ask me, birthday parties are really quite fun + exciting events to attend + I am really looking forward to celebrating with my neighbors, playing fun games {even when I cannot really participate in them just yet} + seeing all those happy and joyful kids in one place! If you know me well, you’d know that I do not get to be around many kids that often since I live away from the only 2 cousins I have. That is why it is such a welcome treat to attend occasions like this when I get to be with kids my age. + kiddie parties at Jollibee are the best since I also get to see my favorite bee mascot! 🙂

Of course, one of the best things about parties, too, are the gifts! Birthday celebrants will be very excited to open the gifts their invited families + friends brought for them for their very special day. I know the feeling. I get excited at the mere site of unopened gifts + would like to open them immediately.

Unfortunately, mum + I was not able to get my twin neighbors gifts just yet. We did not have a chance to go out yet + look around for possible gift ideas. If you would ask me, I would say that this unisex colorful lego star wars droid escapes set is quite cool + is quite perfect since it is ideal for children 5 to 8 years old. I may not be that familiar with the movie, but mum said it was a very famous one + probably having a number of them in your toy collection will be such a good idea, right? Oh well, the only problem is I don’t think Kylie will like this toy very much as it looks really more like a boy’s toy.

Anyway, we might probably end up buying separate gifts for the twins to enjoy. It will actually depend on mum’s budget + I am crossing my fingers that we can afford to get two different toys so that both birthday celebrants will be happy! If you have got any ideas or suggestions, do not forget to throw one my way, right? 🙂

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