h is for happy birthday!

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it will be my kuya sean’s birthday in a few days + since his birthday falls on a regular day + he has school at the time,  his parents decided to have his party this weekend. his dad is also celebrating his birthday today so it was a double celebration. we arrived there late afternoon after we ran a few errands.

family, cousins, birthdays, occasions, out + about
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there were already a number of children partying when we arrived, wearing sponge bob  party hats + eating hotdog on sticks! my cousin invited a few of his neighbor kids + his cousins from his mum’s side of the family. i get to meet new people + get to play with them, too!

everyone had a wonderful time singing at the karaoke + although i did not know all the words to most songs yet, i enjoyed playing with the mic + listening to the other kids as they sing. kuya sean + i also spend our time playing with his big balloons.

family, cousins, birthdays, occasions, out + about
we sang happy birthday songs to my kuya while he blows his candle to make a wish. i even blew one of the candles + i was glad he did not mind! 😀

family, cousins, birthdays, occasions, out + about
karaoke! 😀

we went home late at night + i was all tired + sleepy, but i really had a wonderful time seeing my cousins, celebrating + playing with them. again, happy birthday tito pj + happy birthday kuya sean + congratulations for being top 2 in your class this year! we love you + we are proud of you! ^_^

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kids in doodles: my 3rd birthday party

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time again for another edition of kids in doodles. sorry that mum was not able to post one last week. we were a bit busy + you can also blame our crappy internet connection! anyway, here goes my doodle for this week. enjoy! 🙂

i recently celebrated my third birthday at a mcdonald’s branch in our city. it was one wonderful afternoon + although i had a little tantrum {must be because i did not take my afternoon nap} i enjoyed it a lot!

kids in doodles, celebrations, occasions, birthdays

i love the balloons, my toy story cake + cupcakes, the gifts + more importantly all the kids who went to celebrate with us! i was really most excited to see all these children at the same time. my cousins are there, playmates who were mum’s friends’ children, even a couple of my online playmates came to celebrate with us! my ninang chris, whom i have not seen in a while also came to my party, so did ronald mcdonalds + birdie!  😀

kids in doodles, celebrations, occasions, birthdays

we also had a number of games which i bet all my guests enjoyed much. i guess the only thing i did  not enjoy was the blaring loud music which was responsible for my tantrums in the first place.

all in all it was one wonderful birthday celebration i will always remember. thanks to everyone who joined us + for mum + dad for throwing this party for me! 🙂

how did you celebrate your last birthday?

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cool birthday celebration suggestions

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my birthday is coming in a few days time + i know mum is very excited. but compared to last year’s bash, we are having a rather simple + memorable celebration this year! can you guess how are we going to celebrate my 2nd birthday?

well, maybe these amazing ideas can help you figure it out. here is a round-up of some of the most birthday celebration ideas that participants in our giveaway suggested:

  • minnie runner suggested i run in the 35th National Milo Marathon in puerto princesa. well the place is a bit far from us plus we do not have the budget to travel for now, but running is a great idea. i can use some unspent energy + i’d really enjoy running with my mum. she’d really love for us to join the recently concluded mommy milkshake but since we are quite far from the city, it will make it very hard for us to get to the venue on time 🙁
  • mommy jes says maybe i’d love a costume or jungle-themed party, which i think i will enjoy a lit since i love animals, but as mum hinted no parties this year
  • mama dory suggests that i ask each guest to bring a birthday card for me. it will be fun reading them all out when i am a bit older. well, party or no party maybe i can still ask my loved ones to give me a card on me birthday, what do you think? 🙂
  • mommy jan + baby xye suggest a trip to the amusement park, a dinner afterwards +, my favorite part, shop for toys! yay! i’d love to do this 😀
  • tita divine also has a great idea of celebrating my birthday by donating school stuffs to the less-privileged students. mum is reserving this idea for when i am older so i can fully appreciate + understand the gesture
  • according to ladymishel for  a unique birthday celebration, i should try going to a place i’ve never been to + have a great time exploring + traveling  with my family..hmm, who knows maybe we can do exactly that, right? 🙂

there are other noteworthy fun + unique birthday celebration ideas from my giveaway participants + if you have something burning in your mind right now, you might as well join my giveaway, too + get a chance to win up to $100 paypal cash. check out my giveaway badge for details 😉



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