friday fill-ins 2011.09


And…here we go!

1. Bring your favorite umbrella whenever you leave the house, you’ll never know what will greet you outside, the sweltering heat of the sun or a drizzle.

2. sometimes, don’t you just wish manuals are included with the whole mothering thing.

3. this is exactly  where i want to be.

4. Well, you see, keeping two blogs at the same time can be such a daunting task, but i am up for the challenge, so bring it on.

5. can’t wait to go for a swim soon!

6. But what if jared won’t like his first pool experience.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to updating both my blogs + getting some well-deserved sleep, tomorrow my plans include bringing my baby to the obm baby blast 2 and Sunday, I want to catch up + watch some movies i’ve got on my desktop!

my entry to this week’s 

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pink friday: a pink bottlenose dolphin

for this week’s edition of pink friday, i decided to keep things interesting by employing the help of my good old friend, mr. google, and look what i just found – this lovely pink dolphin spotted swimming in the calcasieu lake in louisiana! very lovely right? it was noted that the mammal is actually an albino and is pink in all parts of the body, while its eyes are red…sounds more like a mythical creature, right? i really wish i could see it up close, or probably even just a regular dolphin for that matter.

here are some more photos of the pinky dolphin, enjoy!

am joining this meme with my other blog, too! (here’s my entry)

got any pinks stuff to share? do so by linking in this pink page + who knows you might just win yourself a pink prize too!
photo source

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meet me on monday 36th edition


1.  What are you wearing right now?
2.  Do you have any freckles?
3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?
4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?
5.  Would you rather live without tv or without music?

My answers:

1. understand that i am just at home being lazy while looking after my son, right?okay i got that part out. now, to what i’m wearing: a well-worn v-neck peach shirt (i simply love shirts!) that i had since in high school + a white checked and flowered shorts, the long one that almost go down to my knees. keeps me comfy + cool in this crazy almost-summer weather. no, i am not a sloth, don’t even think that!

photo source

2. nope, no freckles my type of skin aren’t susceptible to this kind of skin condition.

3. lifesaver? what was that anyway????

4. rpg metanoia on 3d last december with my son + sibs, here’s my post about it.

photo source

5. i can last many days without tv but never a day without music or i’ll go crazy! plus i might be saying goodbye to tv entirely now that my son is growing up!

photo source
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pink friday: pink skirt

for this week’s pink friday, here’s a photo of me in my pink, checkered skirt when we went to the island paradise of coco beach many summers ago ( and many pounds ago!lol!). this was taken in our native, scenic cottage in the lovely, fit-for-a-princess bed. 
 this one’s taken later that day with my former teammates: tom + kate…
this last photo was with our mummy vikki…i terribly miss her + her lovely british accent.
i simply had a blast during our two-day stay in coco beach and visiting there any time soon is something i’d really love to do, especially now that summer is just around the corner….
got any pink stuff to share?join us and pinkify your friday (err in my case, my sunday since this is a late posting!)
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gt: lovefool

before anything else, i would just like to mention that i was struggling to write about this month’s gt topics and was contemplating on skipping the last ones altogether. but this cutie of a badge changed my mind. i want to feature it on my blog so i just have to write about this. haha! kudos to sis kaye for another job well done!
now on with the topic at hand: what we’re willing to do (for love)

love fool, yes i am, hands down. and most of my friends will agree. most of them are baffled with my decisions on love (details of which i’d rather not discuss here) and would all concede that “pde na natin ipagpatayo ng monumento si vix”, to which i do not have a counter-argument. i guess it would all boil down to the well-worn adage (or is it excuse?) “nagmahal lang kasi ako”. and i think that’s what really happens. i fell in love for the first time (of course, the love i felt for brandon boyd is not counted, what was i thinking?!) + was blown away. and you can list down all the things you would do for love + i might’ve done ’em all. i’ll just spare you with the gory details though. but yes, i must say, in more that half a decade that i was in love, i have done quite a number of things for the sake of love.what else i can do for it remains to be seen..

love like it’s the first time…love like you’ve never been hurt..after all, you’ve never fully lived until you truly learned how to love…

gaah, i’m so relieved that the love topics are over (it’s making my teeth ache!),  now on with the ones for march, please…

join us for a cupful of girl conversations, simply click on that lovely badge for more details…

nice chattin’ with you, til next time!

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