hello wordpress, hello world!

yes, my blog’s migration to WordPress is finally complete (with just a little tinkering here + there, i guess!) + we are feeling quite on-the-top-of-the-world today! woot! mum + i would like to give our shout out + thank-you’s to mummy rubz for helping mum out with her quandary + saving her all the stress + the trouble! you’ve done a great job mummy rubz, much thanks (+ top that with loads of hugs from me, too! ;))

please, feel free to look around, it’s quite a bit different from our last home but mum kept as much element from there +brought them over here, so it feels brand new + familiar at the same time!

while you are at it, would you mind subscribing to us via e-mail too? mum made a new feed account due to the transfer + we’ve lost all of our 200+ readers, pretty please?!

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also, if i can just ask a teensy-weensy favor? would you be kind enough to update our links with your blogs to http://ethanjared.com, it will be much appreciated, we’ve also brought in all our links from the previous blogs here, just so you know 😉


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another stylish blogger award!

i can get used to receiving these blogging awards!hehe! this time i’d like to thank sis divine, from divine’s memoirs for this lovely gift. and what to do when accepting this blogger award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award (check)
2. Share 7 things about yourself (check)
  • i love eating popcorn i can finish a big tub all by myself
  • when i was a teener my idea of a summer vacation is watching the oscars + all those million dollar movie specials in abs-cbn!
  • my fondest childhood memories evolve around the yummy food my mum made (+ am sorely missing!), afternoon bike trips around the neighborhood with our papa + the occasional out-of-town trips!
  • am currently on an “i love jake gyllenhall period” mode
  • i watched the movie “despicable me” for about a dozen times already, blame it on my boy, jared!
  • the best thing i would remember about my mum is when she was consoling me + hugging me while i cry, inventing a very worse headache just so i’ll have an answer when she asked why i was crying, it was my 26th birthday!
  • somebody help cause i think i have an eating disorder! i can’t seem to stop!

3. Award 15 (or less) recently discovered (or in my case a mixture of both old + newly discovered) great bloggers (check)

i am sharing the oscars, ah, i mean this blogging award to these beautiful mummy bloggers:
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award (okay this one, i must do later on. i’ve just been to quite a few blogs to tag them for my february top 10 commentators + i think that’s enough for now!haha! lazy right? but will finish this project as soon as i can, so i can begin tagging 15 more lovely mommy bloggers for my other stylish blogger award!yay!

whew! that was fun, i feel like an academy presenter doling our lovely oscars on the grand awards night sans the fabulous gowns + hair styles, of course!haha!

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february top 10 commentators

as we welcome the scorching (but to most of our surprise, rainy + drizzling!) summer month of march, allow me to doff my hats to these lovelies who visited + left equally lovely comments this corner, the most, as a simple token i shall be posting the badges of the top five on my sidebar! thanks for your time + hopefully will be hearing from you more in the future, my top 10 february commenters are:

  1. Mama Mia (4)
  2. air (4)
  3. Con Artist Trickster (4)
  4. sHeNgKaY (3)
  5. Mommy Rubz (3)
  6. kimmy (3)
  7. Lulu Post (3)
  8. Chris (3)
  9. Edsie (3)
  10. Cecile (3)

photo credit

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