my orange story book

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mum got me this book before i was even born, + has been reading it to me since i was a little baby. dad also read it to me on few occasions. this book is a classic story written by beatrix potter about timmy tiptoes. it tells about his + his wife’s adventure on gathering food in preparation for the winter season. something bad happened + timmy end up spending the rest of winter inside a tree with some other animals.

i don’t think i should tell you the whole story, you better get a copy + read it for yourself, it will be a fun read, i promise. but it’s even better if you get your parents to read it for you {like me, since i cannot read just yet ;D}

this was a secondhand copy, by the way, mum got it from one of her favorite bookshops, booksale {which she said she used to frequent when she was pregnant with me} + according to the first page of the book, this once belonged to a certain girl named maddie jane πŸ™‚

did you read any interesting books lately? πŸ™‚

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kids in doodles: me + my little red book

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mum bought me this little red flap book a few months back + i did not get around to share it with you here. it is a hard-bound tiny book with unusual photos in it. when you thumb through the hard pages, you will see shadows after shadows. this is because you have to flap open the shadows on top to reveal the true photos beneath. mum bought this one with familiar images from home like a baby’s bathtub, crib + sippy cup.

Kids In Doodles, books, play, kids

we were just not able to visit the bookstore again, but mum promised to buy another one of these books {i think there are 4 different kinds}. i just love books Β even if i do not know how to read yet. i love looking at pictures, chewing at the pages {especially when i was little}, + they also make for good alternative toy cars, i just simply run their spines on any flat surface + am all set πŸ˜‰

this is my share for this week’s:

Kids in Doodleswe are still pinch-hitting for mommy willa who will be Philippine-bound very, very soon. i hope you can still join us + share your Kids In Doodles stories with us πŸ™‚

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my orange books

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these are my wipe-and-clean orange books, the one with the indian boy is a book on big letters + the other one with the cow in it is a book on small letters. it contains pictures + drawings about letters. i enjoy looking at these photos + one time i even get to try my crayons on them. what is good about these books, apart from their fun + cheerful color, is that i can draw in them + mum would have no trouble erasing them to be spic ‘n span again. all she has to do is wipe off the markings with wet wipes, thus the name wipe-and-clean πŸ˜‰

when i get a little bigger, these books will be great to practice on my reading too. for now, i content with staring at the photos + mum pointing out the stuffs to me + telling me what they are!

any orange stuffs you’d want to tell me about?

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