bubbles are bliss!

bubbles, kidslast week, mum finally managed to capture my fascination with bubbles using our camera. it was nighttime + my tita (aunt) cecille just got home from work. of course, i’d love to play with her as soon as i can. mum won’t let me run around the house since it is quite late and i was a tad sleepy, too, so i was stuck in my playpen.

kids, bubbles

what i did is ask my tita to make some bubbles (actually more like gestured for her to reach for my bubble sword since i am not speaking much yet!). i have this bubble sword that mum got from the toy store last month (it was my second actually, since i have managed to break the handle of the first one + used up all the bubble juice, too!). my bubble sword is rather big, it stands almost up to my chest + make a lot of huge bubbles to my enjoyment!

mum was on the sideline taking photos while my tita + i played. those photos above are just a few of the shots she made. she sure took a number of photos capturing the beautiful bubbles. you can check out our photos here. if you’d look at the photos one after another in a speedy manner, you’d actually think the images are moving! cool, right!

this is my kids-in-doodles moment of the week, have you got any?



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