m is for gru’s minions

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i really love the film despicable me, especially the cute little yellow creatures called the minions. mum + i simply adore them + have seen the movie a couple of times already. we are actually looking forward to the sequel which will be out later this year.

you bet i love the minions, that is why it was such a wonderful experience to meet them in person last weekend! boy they were larger than life + wear the same funny + cute expression that they often have on the film. we really wish we can take home one of them! don’t you?^_^

my share for ABC Wednesday this week 🙂

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we’re going to see spongebob tomorrow!

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that’s right! mum + i are going to the mall tomorrow to see spongebob + a whole lot of other cartoon characters? can you say i am excited? i have been asking mum if we will be leaving already ever since i found out that we are going to this event. this ought to be exciting + i am sure i will enjoy it there!

go tell your mums so we can all meet at tomorrow’s event! let’s officially start the summer season with a bang + with our favorite cartoon characters. mum said apart from spongebob, ben10, superman + other justice league superheroes + a lot more, will also be in attendance, so i bet it will be one great summer event!

see you there! ^_^

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k is for kung fu panda

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i’ve probably seen the short kung fu panda episodes mum has downloaded for me more than 2 dozen times. i have grown to love po + his cool gang + would often mimic their poses while i watch. i think they are just the coolest fighting bad guys with their cool kung fu moves. i’d love to learn kung fu when i grow up! 🙂

unfortunately the movies mum downloaded only played in our computer + not on the telly so i cannot watch it as many times as i would’ve loved to. mum said the video files have to be converted before we can watch it in our dvd. hopefully she’d be able to do it soon so that we can watch po + his friends on the telly.

meanwhile here is a photo of po with jackie chan, which mum took during our 2-day swimming with my cousins. i was not able to pose beside it because i was busy exploring all the other fun + cool stuff they have around. i’ll make sure to share the other photos we took in upcoming posts! 😉

my share for this week’s ABC Wednesday 

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kids in doodles: jared + the chipmunks

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before i go on about my doodles story for this week, let me just tell you that we’ve revised our giveaway mechanics + decided that anyone who joined our weekly meme twice + up will qualify. this is to give chance to those who cannot complete all of this month’s weekly linkie.

two weekends ago, we went to the cinema to see alvin + the chipmunks. mom noticed how i loved watching its trailer + thought it a good idea if we can get to see it in the big screen. so we troop to the cinema one sunday + it was one of the funnest films i’ve seen so far {i have not seen quite a lot, of course :D}

the story is all about alvin, simon + theodore’s adventure, together with the chippettes when they were blown away from their ship into an island far away, aboard a kite. the adventures + misadventures began when they set foot on the island.

i enjoy the songs + the dance routines, particularly + mum was so smitten by simon who turned french due to a spider’s venom 🙂

i was watching the entire time + did not sleep one second + for mum’s book, that is a clear indication that i did enjoy the film!

this photo, by the way, was taken much later when we met up with my ninang jack in manila, last weekend {more about that on my upcoming posts}. we saw the big 3 statues as we pass by the cinema + we cannot resist posing with them. ^_^

check out the badges + the old kids in doodles here + don’t forget to share your stories with us this week ^_^

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the facebook cartoon invasion

have you seen the collective change-my-profile-picture phenomenon happening in our most loved social network? no, this is not a case of people thinking the same thoughts at exactly the same time. it is simply their reply to a challenge.
the challenge:
Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and
invite your friends to do the same. Until monday there should be no
human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for
violence against children. 🙂
time and again, we would read or hear news on violence against children and it is quite alarming. we, of course would like to take part in totally erasing this or raising awareness on this cause. here’s what united nations has to say:
The United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against Children concludes that violence against children happens everywhere, in every country and society and across all social groups. Extreme violence against children may hit the headlines but children say that daily, repeated small acts of violence and abuse also hurt them. While some violence is unexpected and isolated, most violent acts against children are carried out by people they know and should be able to trust: parents, boyfriends or girlfriends, spouses and partners, schoolmates, teachers and employers. Violence against children includes physical violence, psychological violence such as insults and humiliation, discrimination, neglect and maltreatment. Although the consequences may vary according to the nature and severity of the violence inflicted, the short- and long-term repercussions for children are very often grave and damaging.
we ought to foster a safe and healthy environment for our children to grow up in. lofty goals i know but with a simple click of your mouse, you can help this cause reach to more people out there.
so waste no more time and google that favorite childhood cartoon character of yours. 
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