kids in doodles: it’s almost christmas

it is that time of the week again for another round of kids in doodles, but before anything else, here’s last week’s:

doodle round-up

  1. check out these cool balloon doodles from our new playmate henry
  2. look at this cool bag MaiThankfulHeart found
  3. let’s count all the stars vince crispaul got from school

now on to this week’s doodle topic: it is almost christmas

Kids in doodles, Christmas, Christmas tree
it is almost christmas here at home as mum puts up our christmas tree a few weeks ago. of course, i wasn’t much of help but i provided the entertainment as mum worked on our tree. i also made sure to have my photos taken with it once it is up 😉

oh i helped mum put these two bears together since i thought they’d look good beside each other.

kids in doodles, Christmas tree, Christmas
mum also placed a lone gift under the tree. it was tita‘s gift for one of his godchildren, robyn. i wanted so much to open it, but mum said it wasn’t mine and i have to wait for my own gift and until christmas day until i open them. 😀

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happy monday and go work on those doodle posts now! 😀

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christmas has officially started at home

christmas, holidays

christmas has officially started at home two sundays ago, a bit early if you ask me, but mum had a bit of a downtime so she was able to fix our christmas tree, with the help of my tita, of course. i guess it took them only a few minutes to fix the tree. ours is quite a tall tree at 6 feet but it was surprisingly easy to put up.

christmas, holidays

mum put the tree just under our stairs in front of the fridge, as there are no other space available to accommodate it, since we’ve got quite a limited space here compared to our old house.

mum + dad bought our tree last year, along with the blue + silver balls, blue christmas lights + other ornaments. mum said we need to add more ornaments to add a bit of color to it. what do you think?

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christmas season has officially begun..

at least here in jared’s little corner that is. we were able to purchase my baby’s very first christmas tree. it’s a 6-foot, slim type tree, tall enough to last till jare’s 20th birthday perhaps (quite an investment, don’t you think? *wink*)
thanks google for the photo
originally i was planning to put colorful stockings and cane (see photo above) to my baby’s tree, since i want  lots of colors in it to really capture the feeling of christmas and to make it an eye-candy for my baby, but inavailability of such decors and ornaments in SM Marilao forced me to veer away from that design i had in mind and think of something else and quick! i settled for a blue and silver motif, since blue seems to be our favorite color and silver would still attract jared’s attention due to the shimmer and shine.

so daddy and i, with jared along, and the helpful sales lady in tow round up the racks of christmas decors and ornaments in search for the perfect ones for our christmas tree. finally we decide on these lovely flowers in shades of pale blue and silver, balls in the same shade and some wrapped in glitters, and the led lights to give glow to our tree.

sorry for lack of documentation, but i was way too excited to put up the tree when we got back home that i never had the chance to take pictures of the process..

mind you, i put up the tree and hung the ornaments on my own. jared, ken and cel looked on, leaving me to work on my own.

so here is the very own work of art (i still have to put a star on it and add some more ornaments though)!
let the christmas countdown begin!

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