on christmas morning

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

how was your christmas eve? i was up all night that by midnight i was deep in slumber off to zzzzland. the grownups can’t wake me up to open my gifts + joined our simple christmas feast, but it was okay as i’ve already gobbled up a couple of hotdogs on stick which mum prepared earlier. so we just opened my gifts on christmas morning.

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

i received two gifts from mum + dad. the first one is this cool lightning mcqueen remote control car, which i really love! the other one is this awesome bumblebee kre-o set, which you can assemble into a robot + a car. i also got this teenage mutant ninja turtles slate pad from my tita cel.

christmas, toys, toddlers, gifts

tita bel spent most of christmas day trying to fix my bumblebee car as mum helped her out. this is the first christmas we just stayed here at home instead of dressing up + going out. oh well, i don’t mind, i was in the best company + i was really having a wonderful time playing with my new toys! ^_^

i hope your christmas day was as good as ours!

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kids in doodles: photo op with santa!

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend, christmas

it is christmas time + what better way to celebrate it here at kids in doodles than by showing off our photos with santa in it! 🙂

we went to the mall over the weekend as we accompanied my titas in shopping for christmas gifts + other stuff. mum also bought a couple of gifts for me + dad. the mall sure is a happy place to be in this time of year as there are loads of colorful + beautiful displays all around + it was teeming with happy shoppers busy hopping from one shop to the next looking for items to buy.

one of the lovely christmas attraction of the particular mall we visited is the chance to have your photos taken with santa! we paid php50 to get in, the payment will be donated to the survivors of super typhoon yolanda, so it feels like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. meeting santa upclose + personal + extending help to those who need it, a win-win situation! 😀

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend, christmas

mum initially was not supposed to be in the photo as she will be taking my picture but since a very kind kuya was on stand-by  to help take our photos, mum was able to be in this picture with santa! that’s another item on our christmas checklist ticked off! just excuse the bib on the first photo, it is my security blanket + i do not want to go anywhere without it.

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend, christmas

after our photo op with santa, mum also took a quick snap of me sitting in santa’s big red sofa. it sure is comfy + am sure i can fall asleep in it!

time for you to share your wonderful photo ops with santa. do not forget to include one of our badges on your post + link up. visit our other playmates to make our game + christmas more fun!

have a wonderful christmas everyone! ^_^

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kids in doodles: a few more holiday photos

kids in doodles, christmas, out + about

kids in doodles time again girls + boys + before anything else, allow me to send virtual shout outs to our lone participant for last week’s editions:

1. read on as maithankfulheart recall the beautiful memories of 2012 + welcome the new year

kids in doodles, christmas, out + about

the holidays is simply the most colorful + festive season of the year + i perfectly understood why we can’t get enough of it, even when it has been a week already. so this is my sort of last hooray for the holidays. we never really get to look around + hunt for santa as mum originally planned as i was a bit ill during that weekend leading to christmas with a mild case of colds + coughs. my mum even decided to bring me to my pedia just to be sure am not suffering from anything serious. it was a relieve to find out that there is really nothing to worry about. it was also probably the reason why mum did not force me to take down the medicine my doctor prescribed 😉

so these are truly the only photos we had of the season. the first one was taken in front of the huge christmas tree in cubao when we watched disney on ice, a day after christmas. i have yet to post about it. the second photo was taken when i had my playdate with my pal, rylan. we managed to look around a bit + snap some shots of the colorful outdoor park just outside the packed shopping mall.

kids in doodles, playmate, out + about, christmas

this last photo was also taken the same day. we were just strolling around the mall in between destinations + mum spotted this santa claus in one of my fave fast foods. tita moi snapped it, but i guess i was rather preoccupied with other things that i was not looking at the camera!

am sure you’ve got better photos than i did so it is time for you to share those doodles with us. include one of these badges + hop on to the other participants, too, to make our playtime more fun! 🙂

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kids in doodles: a day before christmas

it was a day before christmas + boy aren’t we all excited to open our presents under the tree! we only have to wait a few more hours to find out what surprises are waiting for us under the colorful + shiny gift wrappers! ^_^

anyway, i know everyone is busy + all but i do hope you find time to join our kids in doodles this week. this will be our second to the last doodle for the year + quite a perfect way to send everyone your christmas greetings, too, as our topic for the day is all about the day before christmas!

before anything else, a big shout out goes to our lone participant of last week’s edition:

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Christmas, Kids in Doodles, out + about

now on to our topic of the week. a day before christmas, everyone will be busy preparing for the christmas feast later on, so we will be marooned inside the house for the time being + will never get the chance to go + check out colorful christmas displays anywhere. lucky we’ve already done that when we were in baguio. we visited the baguio county club’s christmas village. it was a wonderful experience to be surrounded by all these christmas characters + to have our photos taken with them!

Christmas, out + about, Kids in Doodles

we’ve posed with fairies, the three kings, huge animals, as well as huge gifts! i was also able to enter these makeshift houses made of recycled cardboards + ride this improvised train, too! i went there twice, once with mum + tito ken + another time with tita cel + tita jinky, so i guess you can say that i enjoyed the experience totally! 🙂

time now to share your doodles with us. add in one of these lovely badges to your post + drop your links here. visit the other players, too, to make our game fun! ^_^

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