kids in doodles: it’s almost christmas

it is that time of the week again for another round of kids in doodles, but before anything else, here’s last week’s:

doodle round-up

  1. check out these cool balloon doodles from our new playmate henry
  2. look at this cool bag MaiThankfulHeart found
  3. let’s count all the stars vince crispaul got from school

now on to this week’s doodle topic: it is almost christmas

Kids in doodles, Christmas, Christmas tree
it is almost christmas here at home as mum puts up our christmas tree a few weeks ago. of course, i wasn’t much of help but i provided the entertainment as mum worked on our tree. i also made sure to have my photos taken with it once it is up 😉

oh i helped mum put these two bears together since i thought they’d look good beside each other.

kids in doodles, Christmas tree, Christmas
mum also placed a lone gift under the tree. it was tita‘s gift for one of his godchildren, robyn. i wanted so much to open it, but mum said it wasn’t mine and i have to wait for my own gift and until christmas day until i open them. 😀

share your doodles with us. do not forget to include one of these badges and visit as many playmates as you can. also, do not forget to install those social plug-in widgets as mum will share your posts on her networks when she blog hops!

happy monday and go work on those doodle posts now! 😀

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christmas gifts

I have never really gone out to visit my ninongs + my ninangs, since most of them live in manila where mum used to work before. although i’ve  only got a few gifts for this year, i love each one of them + who knows maybe i will get more in the coming days. christmas season is not yet over, anyway 😉

here are my favorite gifts this christmas:

christmas, toys, toy stories, my favorite things

this is a book + slate given to me by my ninang ella, which i particularly loved because i love cars + i also love doodling 🙂

toys, toy stories, my favorite things, christmas

this one is the last of mum’s wooden toy gifts. this is the only one i got to open on christmas eve, really, since this is the only one mum brought from our tree back home. since it is impractical to bring all my gifts along when we went home, mum brought this so i will be sure to open it during our celebration. we opened it before the feast + i was dosing off to dreamland when the grown ups started eating the food they prepare. i love this toy, i played with it for a long time when i opened it! 🙂

christmas, toys, my favorite things, toy stories

the last gift i will share to you is this hotwheels bowl set which was given to me by tita jane, one of mum’s friends. i love it too, even if it’s not a toy as i will surely enjoy using them in the coming days. hopefully mum can encourage me to eat more solids next year with this 🙂

i will tell you more about my other gifts next time…sharing this thru toy stories 🙂

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kids in doodles: jared + the day after christmas


kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, christmas, play, home
our christmas card this year

hello again everyone, sorry about this one-day late k.i.d  post, we are still on a holiday mode. anyway, i would’ve loved to share our holiday photos with you today but the only ones i’ve got are on my tita‘s mobile phone + she was not able to save it to the computer just yet. we haven’t got much photos as we only stayed at our old home the rest of christmas day, which is all good to me as i rarely see my other tita + my tito since we moved here.

we were at home by christmas eve, so i also had a great time playing with my kuya sean + ate shane. + when christmas day comes, i enjoyed playing with the children who came by our house to visit the grown ups + ask for their christmas gifts + treats. i will be sharing some of mine in my next posts 🙂

i really had a great time playing at home + i also loved the new christmas outfit mum got for me! i hope you had an equally great christmas, too! share your stories with us here at kids in doodles.

by the way, the photo above is the christmas card we’re sending to my ninangs + friends for the holidays + again, a bunch of thank you’s to tita mirage for the delightful thumblinks:)

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merry christmas from this corner

merry christmas everyone! mum + i will be out later cause we will be celebrating the eve in our old home so we won’t be able to go online for a bit. may we all have a meaningful christmas celebration + may we find the true meaning of the season, which is being with our families + loved ones + thanking god for all the wonderful blessings he brought us this year.

may we also find it in our hearts to pray for our brothers in mindanao, that they may also have a good celebration despite the odds. + may we find it in our hearts to share a few of our christmas blessing with them thru the following:

  • bring your donations {in kind} to any lbc {(632)8585-9999} or jrs express {(632)631-7351 to 56}branch nationwide. they will deliver them to the victims of sendong in mindanao for free
  • donate to sagip kapamilya foundation thru their banco de oro account:
    1. peso account – bank account No: 393-011-4199
    2. dollar account – bank account No: 393-008-1622
  • donate to kapuso foundation thru their metrobank account:
    1. peso account – bank account No: 3-098-51034-7
    2. dollar account – bank account No: 2-098-00244-2 {Code:MBTC PH MM}

may we also find the true meaning of christmas in sharing + giving! cheers ^_^

image from

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kids in doodles: jared + the christmas display


Christmas, toddlers, Kids in doodles

2 saturdays ago mum + i went to sm pampanga’s unveiling of their beautiful christmas display, that includes replicas of world famous landmarks like the eiffel tower in paris, the gondola in venice and the statue of liberty in the us + a lot more. i totally enjoyed playing with the colorful confetti + posing at every display while my tita jinky took a lot of photos + mum happily looked on 🙂

kids in doodles, toddler, play, christmas

can you tell am having a grand time?

kids in doodles, play, toddlers, christmas

i even posed with some of my new-found ates + kuyas who were also taking some snaps at the cool display.

it is your turn to share your kids in doodles story, check here on how we play this game 🙂

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