colorful new toddler stuff

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we got out last friday + went to the mall. mum + dad got me these colorful new stuff. mum said i needed new shirts, pajamas, shorts + other things badly since most of what i own are now either too fit or way to small for me to wear. so off we went shopping. of course, i was just running all over the place while my mum checks out the clothes on display racks + dad runs after me, hardly keeping up!

after about half an hour, mum’s got me several muscle shirts, a bunch of colorful sandos, which is a departure from my usual whites, to wear at home or when i sleep, a new set of mickey mouse underpants + this cool lightning mcqueen shirt. i guess you can tell that i am such a happy camper! ^_^

toddler, my favorite things, lightning mcqueen, colorful things, children's clothing

apart from all the new clothes, mum also got me this cool lightning mcqueen plushy, ain’t he cute? πŸ˜‰

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colorful gummy bears + other candies from trolli

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mum won yet another giveaway on facebook + this time our prize are these colorful + delicious treats from trolly. these goodies were delivered right at our doorsteps one fine day. inside the big packages are packs + packs of candies + this big rectangle box with loads of red strips that mum + tita love the most! our prize also includes this colorful backpack that has gummi bears inside πŸ˜€

i won, colorful things, giveaway prize

no worries about toothache as i am not that much keen on these candies just yet, but am sure i will be when i am a bit older. i would love to be photographed with them, though, so enjoy our photos! πŸ˜€

Β i won, colorful things, giveaway prize

thanks trolli for this loot, the grown ups loved the impromptu trolli party + am sure my cousins enjoyed the bagful of yummy goodies mum sent them, too! πŸ˜‰

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colorful new blog design

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i did share about my new blog design in one of my previous post, but i did mention mum is still waiting for a few more revisions from our very kind + generous blog designer, tita grace! + look how my blog turned out! although i love the car from the previous design, mum + i agreed that we prefer this new look better, since the boy sorta looked a lot more like me! + who knows i might just be flying planes when i grew older, too! πŸ˜€

apart from the little boy in the plane, she also changed my blog signature + the title font. i couldn’t be happier with my new blog design.she also threw in new meme badges for kids in doodles, which i shall be sharing with you tomorrow.

my colorful new blog design makes for a very colorful weekend, oh + by the way, to make your weekend more colorful, don’t forget to join my kids in doodles giveaway, while you’re here! πŸ™‚

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my colorful weekend at the wonka imaginarium

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mum + i went to the wonka imaginarium last week + boy was it too much fun to go there! πŸ˜€ we are told to search for the rainbow which is used by the wonka factory to make the most delicious candies.

wonka imaginarium, kids, toddlers, play, weekend, colorful things

we first searched in the enchanted forest, where we encountered huge grasshoppers + lady bugs + the walking + talking tree that even exchanged high fives with me {i was afraid of it at first but mum told me not to + told me to approach it!}

colorful things, wonka imaginarium, weekend, toddlers, play

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colorful toy train

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mum got me this colorful wooden toy train, too, the last time she went out to go to manila. check out the other wooden stuffs she’s got for me here.Β what i love about this train is that it has numbers on them so mum can teach me how to count while i am playing with them.

toys, colorful stuffs, toy stories, toddlers,

each pieces can also be separated, so i can have a single, very long wooden train or many little train pieces, what fun! πŸ˜€ it is now one of my favorite toys, well, each one of them is my favorite anyway πŸ˜›

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