a colorful christmas weekend

colorful things, weekend, toddlers

there are still 34 days before the much-awaited holiday of all, but christmas started earlier this year when we went to the mall two weeks ago + saw all those beautiful christmas ornaments + lovely display. we couldn’t help it, mum + i posed at every landmard πŸ˜€

toddlers, play, christmas, colorful things, weekend

check out these cool installations at sm city in pampanga! you will see the big ben from the uk + the lovely windmills of the netherlands, + a whole lot more.

christmas, weekend, colorful things, toddlersa chorale group sang beautiful yuletide songs + i saw a lot of kids as well! even santa came to visit + gave out presents to lucky special children of one of the sped schools in the province. very neat, right?

my tita jinky took loads of photos which will be posted here soon, too! my weekend couldn’t get more colorful than this, how’s yours? πŸ™‚

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my colorful halloween

halloween, toddler, kids, colorful things

although I skip on a scary costume again this year, it does not make my halloween less colorful or fun. i still managed to go out + had fun with other kids in our trick or treat {check out my post here} adventure.

apart from that I also managed to have some photos taken with some colorful clowns, just like in this photo here:

halloween, kids, colorful things

i also went home with loads of these colorful treats!

hallooween, kids, colorful things

all in all, it was a great halloween celebration + i look forward to another trick or treat {+ maybe, a costume or two!} next year! πŸ™‚

i hope your halloween is as colorful as mine! happy halloween! πŸ™‚

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colorful giveaway prizes

giveaway prize, giveaway, Jared's Little Corner Birthday Giveaway

a bunch of paper bags have been lying lazily in a corner of our house for awhile now. mum said they are the gift packs for the consolation prize winners of our recently concluded birthday giveaway. one of those big paper bags include this colorful gift pack which mum will be sending to one of our winners, mommy sheng.

colorful gift packs, giveaway prizeapart from the gift pack, mum will also be sending these colorful items to mommy sheng. would you like to know what they are? see here i’ve made a list πŸ™‚

  • a bunch of lovely postcards {mum’s new-found hobby}
  • the blue box contains the token she won from mum’s blog
  • some baby products for little iris
  • a gc
  • a little gift for iris {she + her mum celebrated their birthdays last month}

sadly, we were not able to ship these goodies until now, mum tried a couple of times but the couriers refused to ship the item in the blue box. hopefully we can send them the next time we go out so we can make mummy sheng + baby iris happy πŸ™‚

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a colorful grandparent’s day weekend

colorful stuffs, Jollibee, kids, play, weekend

last week, we went out to catch some fresh air + spend some precious time outside. unfortunately we were not able to visit my mama + papa’s graves that hot + humidΒ afternoon. me, mum + tita cel went to the nearby waltermart to have a very late lunch.

when we arrived to the mall, guess who was there to welcome us? my favorite, jollibee, + i was so excited! tita cel quickly took a photo of us. can you tell how happy i was in the photo? πŸ™‚

colorful stuff, weekend, kids, play

we saw this in the mall’s activity area, looks like they had a grandparents’ day celebration earlier that day. ironically for me, i did not get to meet my grandparents. mama + papa went up to heaven 2 years before i was even born. i bet they would’ve smoldered me with hugs + kisses if they were still around + maybe they will always play with me or take me outside whenever i want to. maybe my grandparents will spank mum if she is misbehaving πŸ˜€

colorful stuff, jared, play, weekend

anyway, after that we ate our very late lunch at chowking. mum ordered lomi so i can have my quick fix of soup, i just love soups! i ate a lot of rice + drank half of mum’s iced tea, too, i guess i must’ve been hungry that day!

after finishing our meals, we stroll around the mall for a bit. mum browsed through some furniture at the home section. she must’ve been planning to get something for when we move to our new house. we also went to the department store where mum bought me a couple of colorful + cute sandos. we also stopped by the groceries to get some staples {read a can of my favorite formula milk ;)}

colorful things, kids, play, weekend, fun rides

we also went to the arcade part of the mall where there are games + rides for kids. i sampled the airplane but had to cut my ride short as i don’t feel too comfy with the turbulence πŸ˜‰

of course, any trip to the mall will never be complete without us riding my favorite of them all, the elevator! this time, though, we only went a few times as this particular mall only had two floors + just a pair of elevators we can ride.

this is my colorful weekend, what is yours?

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the colorful world of pocoyo

pocoyo, early learning

mum + i (for lack of better things to do) recently visited pocoyo’s world (as we have been stuck at home for days on end recently) back + look what we’ve found, some interesting + fun colorful learning stuffs for children. this is all about the different numbers + colorful ways on how to learn them.

pocoyo, early learningin this picture, we need to choose which photo matches number 8 + mum said the correct answer is the one on the right since there are 8 snails on that picture

Pocoyo, early learninghere’s another one! this time pocoyo will ask you to trace the number that is written on the screen, in this case the number 3. this is a good + fun way for little children to learn about numbers + how to write them, too.

although, these a bit way too advanced for me, it did not stop me from enjoying this educational tutorial as pocoyo made sure it was a fun learning experience. maybe if i am a bit older, i will ask mum to solve these puzzles again that way i’d learn about numbers + counting much easily πŸ˜‰

you can check out pocoyo world for more fun + learning exercises.

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