december is here, wee!

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they say december + christmas is easily the best time of the year, i guess am gonna have to find out for myself. but so far, am loving all the christmas decors everywhere, including the silver bells that my tita got that mum hanged on our front door. i have also seen a few tall christmas trees, including the one in araneta center which is just totally big + the one in shangri-la mall when we went there recently. am also feeling much better compared to the other day when i’ve fallen sick.

mum + i will also be out again soon to shop for new clothes + hopefully some new toys, she bought me a couple last week {check them out here + here} but i am hoping she’ll buy me some more^_^

22 more days to go before christmas + mum’s got a few gifts wrapped up under our tree {all for me! ^_^}. it’s also 19 days to go before my tito celebrates his next birthday, am not sure where we’ll go to celebrate but i just want to spent some time with him! he’s visited us on few occasions + i always end up crying whenever it’s time for him to leave. so spending more time with him will be such a welcome treat.

well, happy times ahead for all of us! we will be out tomorrow for a lunch date with mum’s college best friends so i am looking forward to that.

do join my meme, kids in doodles, the linky is still open for another day. it will really make our day to read your entry ^_^

how’s december treating you so far?

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