hoorah it’s earth day!

green tips, greetings

happy earth day to you! + don’t even think that just because we are wee bit little creatures that we cannot do anything for mother earth. here are a few easy suggestions how we can save the earth with our itsy bitsy tiny hands:

greetings, green tips

aren’t those easy enough? with a little bit of help from the grown ups, we will able to do all those in the list, right? we can also follow our mums’ leads to reduce, reuse + recycle, + by not being litter bugs, too! am sure you can think of other fun + creative ways to help save our planet. meanwhile, go out + enjoy the rest of the day. maybe you can also ask mum + dad to bring you to a park or a zoo, so you can play with the animals + see loads of trees, too! don’t forget to spread the word about earth day + do something that will make mother earth smile wherever you may go, right? 😉

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