e is for earth hour 2014

earth hour, toddler for a cause, out + about

i told you all about earth hour in my previous post + this year instead of turning off our lights to support earth hour, we joined other people from our city in a program held at robinsons place malolos. the celebration was also joined in by grown ups, including our city mayor, who made a short speech about our city supporting the 1-hour lights out for earth hour.

earth hour, toddler for a cause, out + about
earth hour, toddler for a cause, out + about

after the speeches from a couple of grown ups, people who were present are asked to sign in the earth hour board to show not only our support for earth hour, but also in making sure we also do things to help  save our mother earth beyond earth hour. i signed my name, along with mum + tita jinky. can you see my name on this board?  :Approve:

earth hour, toddler for a cause, out + about

what did you do in support of earth hour this year? i would like to hear all about it in a comment below.  :Wink:

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spiderman for earth hour

every year, we switch off the lights for an hour to join in with the earth hour celebration. a few years back, we took photos in the dark and it was so much fun. you can read all about our experience here. this year we shall be joining in people from different places who will switch off lights for mother earth. am not sure if we will go to the mall to join the earth hour fun or if we will be celebrating here at home, but either way, am sure it is going to be fun + how cool will it be to help save our planet, right?

it is also exciting to mention that the web-slinging superhero, spiderman, is also joining to help promote earth hour. a few years ago my favorite character, pocoyo, was also assigned to be a earth hour ambassador. you may read about that in this post.

this coming 29 march, it is time again to participate in this year’s earth hour. do not forget to switch off the lights, the lights and all your gadgets at 8.30-9.30pm.

however you choose participate this year, make sure you remind mum to switch off the lights, right?  :Wink:

image is from earthour.org

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play a game, plant a tree with pocoyo

earth hour, my favorite things, green ideas, pocoyo

if you have time, here is a fun way to help save our environment. all you have to do is play this recycling game with pocoyo + he will plant trees for you. the game is easy enough, all you have to do is put the items to be recycled to their appropriate box. of course, i play this game with mum as i do not know how to use the mouse just yet 😉

green ideas, pocoyo, earth hour, my favorite things

you finish the game by putting all the garbage into their corresponding bins! + pocoyo pops out whenever you place something in the right bin! 😀 i was imitating pocoyo awhile back + is bobbing up + every time mum places something in the right bin. it was most fun…

pocoyo, my favorite things, green ideas, earth hour

pocoyo is encourging everyone to join his game so he can plant more trees. they have planted 20,000 trees which is quite a lot to count i guess! more trees will be planted if we play some more!

make this your participation in this year’s earth hour + do not forget to switch those lights at 8.30 tonight, right? cheers to mother earth! 🙂


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children + earth hour

earth hour is one of the things we look forward to over the summer, we turn off lights for an hour + have loads of fun playing with our shadows + the flashlights, not to mention taking photos, as well {check our photo of last year’s here}, + helping save mother earth, too! that is why i am glad to know that pocoyo, one of my favorites, is back as the global kid’s ambassador for earth hour + in support to helping save our environment, pocoyo.com came up with pocoyo’s recycling game. and they will plant 1 tree for every 1 child that plays the game. imagine if a million children will play it? we will have a million trees planted for earth hour! cool, right? 😉

i hope everyone supports it. you can check out earthhour.org or official pocoyo on facebook to play the game, you can also download screen savers + wall papers, as well as an activity book you can ask mum to print out for you + play with..so, don’t forget to partake + spread the word about earth hour on 31 march at 8.30pm, so everyone will know about it + everyone will participate, too!

cheers for mother earth!

my earth hour pledge:

i am willing to play pocoyo’s recycling game if pocoyo will plant a tree for every one person who plays it 😀

so what are you willing to do to save the planet? 🙂

sharing this with green monday

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