so goes my week…

our week was off to a bad start since jared caught the cold saturday of last week. it really annoyed him when he’s got colds: he becomes irritable + cries a lot, he hates taking medicine + it almost always lands on the floor (or in most cases, his clothes, his crib + our bed!)  in a pool of vomit + that adds up to the frustration (well not that i can blame him, i wouldn’t give him any if there is a better way to cure his colds!) imagine seeing your son struggling and freeing his tiny body away from you forcing him to take meds! he was crying + his nose is running, really not a pretty site + heartbreaking at the most + if only i can help it, i’d rather skip on the colds episodes instantly. 

on a lighter note, it was a moment of celebration for this blogger since i got my first moolahs via paid-posting, so i was $20 richer courtesy of this article, i had problems with technicalities on this post (remember i won a .info domain + had to transfer it to wp after using it in this blog for a while?) am only glad i had it rectified just in time for payday!yay!
i also got the book i requested from navpress, becoming a woman of influence by carol kent + will be reading it + posting a review after, soon as my schedules allows me to.
i’ve also got the tommy hilfiger loud perfume, my freebies from nuffnang (made a separate post on this one too)
on saturday, jared (who’s doing a little better now, thank god!) + i went to trinoma for the obm baby blast 2 event. jared had a great time playing at the play area + i enjoyed browsing around shops (there are just a few + i haven’t found a toy booth which is one of the reasons why i came in the first place) + listening to celebrity mummies (like patricia hizon, nikki valdez + gladys reyes) talk about tips and stuffs on all things baby, experts giving lectures on children’s care + nutrition, plus speakers from toddlers + playschools on benefits of enrolling babies with them + of early learning.

lani mercado giving tips on how to manage having quality time with the family
jared playing at the little lamb kiddie spa booth
our loot for the day vitamins from pfizer, a magazine, book mark + a calendar
it wasn’t a bad week all in all. how was your week?
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a relaxing movie experience

i posted this promo a couple of weeks back here, and  i was lucky enough to win 2 tickets for chris + myself.

my favorite super hero + his favorite butler, alfred
chilling while waiting for the film to begin

christina is excited, i can tell:)

we were treated to free hd screening of batman: the dark knight (my favorite) with christian bale as the cape crusader and heath ledger as the joker with free popcorn and iced tea. not only that, we were also treated to a relaxing and invigorating head and back massage whilst watching. talk of some pampering, eh!

getting our massages

it was something i totally enjoyed and would love to do again.

our host, dj vince, giving away some full-body massage gcs

by the way, the contest is ongoing, simply go to when in manila and their facebook page to get the latest buzz.

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a sunday with

celebrating valentine’s day one week in advance, that was what’s i love my family event was all about. it was a celebration of showing our love for our family.


we arrived a little after the registration and was lucky enough to get a belo goody bag (of belo men facial wash and energizing bar – for the daddy!) and some stuffs from el real pasta.

before the program commenced, we managed to sqeeze into the bee line for the photo booth and had these  taken (photos of the event can be downloaded here):

jared + mum

with tita vance this time

other activity booths are: galileo enrichment booth, baby company drawing booth (jared is still quite little to join), and the delectable josiah’s party jr. chocolate fountain booth (i managed to sample a little of the wafer sticks, since when it was time for me to get some, all the goodies are gone!)

the afternoon kicked off with the presentation of the mums for the “i love mom makeover” contest. 3 lovely moms were lucky enough to be win a makeover from david salon, clothes and shoes from bayo and a goody bag full of belo products. (sorry i was lagged with a 14-kilo baby that decent photos are next to impossible)


what i particularly enjoyed about this event are the love talks from experts (daddy should’ve been present, he might’ve learned a thing or two there *wink*). the first one was “his needs, her needs” by maribel dionisio, m.a. of love institute. here’s an excerpt:

men’s emotional needs vs women’s emotional need:
attractive spouse                      
recreational companionship    
domestic support                    
sexual fulfillment                      
family commitment
financial stability
honesty and openness

” marriage, families + relationships are more of a process of learning the dance rather than finding the dancer.”

another interesting chat on love language was given by real-life partners, tibo + vangie evalle of educhild foundation highlighting the importance of an open communication, both verbal or otherwise, in the success of every relationship.

another talk was given by dr.vicki belo’s daughter, crystal, on belo’s latest products + dr. arvin faundo, of cordlife philippines on cordblood banking

an on-the-spot painting performance was also done by childwonder angel, whose surname escapes me now, pardon me, and was followed by the awarding of winners for the baby company’s artwork contest.

and another one of my favorite part of the program, and jared’s too, judging from the way he strangled mum so he can go to the stage, the dance number by the baby ai-non mascot.

in between those, vance managed to take these photo,

including this one with ms. tintin, when we were able to corner her on the side:)

the last part of the program was the reveal of the 3 mums, fully made up and dolled up and serenaded by the rainmakers (for those of us who do not know them, they originally sang “binbini)

and did i say i was able to see about a dozen members of pmb there, but sadly mingling with my jared in tow can be quite a mean feat that i  have to decide against it. i did manage to chat with a fellow member, though, mommy joy (who, by the way is having a blog anniversary promo) during the baby ainon mascot dance number.

all in all it was one worthwhile experience i am surely to repeat and tintin did hint on an upcoming mommy bloggers’ event, so we’ll see you next:)
special thanks to my friend, vance, for taking these lovely shots:)

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a joyful first blog anniversary

mommy joy of joyful occasions, a fellow PMB member, is having a party cum Pinay Mommy Bloggers meet on February 20, 2011 in celebration of her  joyful first blog anniversary. in line with this, she is having a refer-a-friend promo and winners of which will earn an invite to her much awaited joyful event.

here are the mechanics: 

1. Publicly follow and subscribe to her blog
2. Ask ten friends, family, or office mates to publicly follow and subscribe to her blog: 
3. your referral  must comment “followed and subscribed, referred by ____”

4. When you have completed the 10 referrals, email mommy joy  with your name, cellphone number, the names of your referrals and their email addresses for validation.
5. After validation, event details will be sent to you via email.

so what are we waiting for, go find those referrals and see you in feb 20 for this joyful celebration!

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of sales and freebies and a close encounter with pocoyo

in front of the grand baby company fair entrance
last sunday also happened to be the last day for the grand baby company fair at the megatrade hall in sm megamall, luckily i was able to go with my son and sis, cel.
i was planning to go by friday since i was thinking it wouldn’t be so much packed with people given that it is just the first day and a weekday at that. but i had to make some changes to the plan and glad i was able to make it last sunday.
surprised to see this stall selling pocoyo stuffs^^

it was probably one of the biggest assembly of the leading baby brands in the country, and if you were just expecting and is still in the process of completing you baby’s new born essentials then you would’ve struck gold. new born items such as clothes, feeding bottles from recognized brands like playtex, avent, and evenflo, cribs and beddings, playpens, strollers and other acessories are on sale for up to 70% discount.

as for me, i just have to buy a few staples for jared, as i’ve already shopped for some items early this month.
here’s what i got:

i bought these staple items for jared, and then some, total P1,240.00
i bought these for a steal, P100 each
  evenflo bpa free bottles set of 3 – P375 (original price: P469)
a pocoyo sando – 110 (with 10% discount)
a pocoyo shorts –    105 (with 10% discount)
a bar of nivea cream soap – 35 (original price: 40)
1 pc ainon shower sponge – 95 (original price: 136)
nivea head to to wash – 175 (original price: 196)
nivea shampoo – 115 (original price: 127)
2 100-tips cotton buds – 30 (original price: 29.75)
2 pcs insulite disney mats – 200 
(no original price indicated but i’m betting they are much more than 100!)
but wait there is just so much more: 
my free swag bag, full of freebies
my free product samples
the swag bag freebies
our photo courtesy of the cordlife photobooth

the copy i downloaded from
pretty mum camille pratts giving a talk on baby skin care with the pigeon representative
swag bag full of freebies – free
product samples – free
wilkins mineral water – free
photo souvenir courtesy of cordlife – free 
(and a digital copy courtesy of
a free talk by respected pediatrician with celebrity mums like gladys reyes + camille pratts
and a bonus, simply by buying what i only need:
finally, got my mum card!woot!
and the best part of it all:
a close encounter with pocoyo – priceless!

here’s a  snap shot of some of my favorite booths, read: the products my son is actually using:

jared + tita at the johnson’s baby booth
the cradle booth
one of my personal favorites, cycles
my son’s vitamin c, ceelin
a checklist of baby skin car how-to’s by pigeon
hopefully there’ll be other pocoyo item to be available soon:)

all in all it was a tiring yet worthwhile experience and my son tremendously enjoyed seeing pocoyo, i will definitely love to repeat the experience. 

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