grand baby company fair

                      what: grand baby company fair
                                   featuring all items for babies and toddlers
                      when: sm megatrade halls 2 + 3
                      where: save the dates, jan 28,29 + 30!
                      what’s in store for us mommies:
      • Get up to 70% Off on Selected items
      • Get a Free Swag Bag filled with freebies with P1,000 minimum single receipt purchase
      • Attend Learning Sessions with Experts and with Celebrity Moms
      • Free Photo Ops with mascots
      • Lots of Exciting Games and Surprises
      • Gymboree Play Area
                           Its shopping, learning and bonding with your baby rolled into one
                           so don’t miss it!
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      a post-christmas lunchdate with my college friends

      my kumares: sharon, mae, and amy, with daughter EC
      a day after christmas i met up with my friends from college for our traditional annual meet-up. for this year, it was originally slated as a class reunion and having sent our invites just in the beginning of december, it was safe to assume that more people can make it this year. hah! wishful thinking!
      jared playing around the resto
      i got to gerry’s grill malolos a solid one and a half hour later than the agreed time (the always-fashionably-late me!) with my baby in tow. i had an excuse, see we arrived home very late yesterday from our christmas adventure and i texted my friends earlier on that i will be arriving late, okay, much later!
      a rare moment with jared looking into the camera
       i was actually surprised to see just the three of them present. maybe, in the middle of the christmas holidays,  other people are busy with their own celebration, family gatherings and whatnot. anyway, the three ladies were deep into juicy conversations when we arrived!
      amy (one of the masterminds of this get-together), who just got back from dubai, came with her not-so-little-anymore darling daugther, blessy may.  sharon, on the other hand, was not able to coerce his son, Paolo (my inaanak – godchild), to go with her and left her younger son, Patrick, with his dad. mae is one of the barkadas (along with jackie, who was not able to make it, and ella who is abroad now)  who remains single and childless today.
      jared + mummy, with blessy may
      it was an afternoon of reminiscing our college days, catching up on each other, jokes, funny and heartwarming stories, painful and beautiful memories, rumors and endless chatters, and scrumptious food! 
      the delectable sisig
      yummy chopsuey
      sumptuous spare ribs
      we even had a kris kringle for four people since no body else came. manny, a classmate in one of our subjects back then, who happens to be dropping by gerry’s grill to take his lunch, stopped by our table and had some photo op:)
      i got sharon’s big gift for the kris kringle:)
      mae got my gift, i hope she likes it!
      this time with an accidental attendee, classmate manny
      it was so nice to see my old friends.  work, families and other important things keep us busy in our lives but we do manage to keep in touch, through occasional texting, chatting, updating on facebook and meeting up on important events like children’s birthdays and others. i realized we’ve known each other for more than 10 years now but what’s so amusing is whenever we meet, it seemed like all those many years never passed and we were just wacky college students yet again.
      to my friends, thanks for your lovely gifts to jared, it was such a great experience seeing you and i hope to see you again very soon….
      thanks to sharon, amy, mae and manny for the photos:)
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      mums and tubs baby care club get together

      all mums and tubs baby care club are cordially invited to joint the Lactacyd’s year ender get together. all members are allowed to bring her kid and a companion. there will be free ticket rides for the kids, a program with exciting games and prizes, a choir performance and a meet and greet with santa! so wear your christmas best and troop to fun ranch on december 12, at 1pm. 
      exclusive for members only so if you are not yet a member simply click this button and sign up now. limited slots are available so  dial 408-8071 to pre-register, make haste and waste no more time.
      see you there mums and tubs mummies!
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      mommy moments: last christmas

      mum and baby wearing red beside our old christmas tree
      christmas morn opening present from mum and dad

      i never enjoyed my first noche buena with my son last year, in fact i was not even home when this happened. i had to go to work (darn! yes, i used to belong to the call center industry where most holidays go by with you stuck up on your desk taking calls, half-wanting to cry and half-wanting to go home to your baby!) you see and i never went home until it was 2am i think, so i’ve totally missed it out. but made up for it the next day (i was on leave, thank goodness!) and spent the entire day with my son…

      this was the first time we brought jared to the mall, he was only barely four months around that time.  and i remember him instantly delighted at the twinkle twinkle of the christmas lights adorning the mall’s facade. 

      picture, picture while waiting for everybody to get ready!
      white christmas: beside the dept store christmas tree

      a photo op with the red christmas tree this time just before the mall closes whilst jared was busy staring at the late shoppers milling around….

      all in all it was a fun and memorable time all together. i bought jared some nice stuffs including his soft soccer ball (yep, cause i want to be a soccer mum when he grows up!). we took turns carrying him around (he was i think about 8 kilos at that time and carrying him around all day while walking around the mall is quite a daunting task).  this year we plan to go to enchanted kingdom and take loads of pictures (finally i was able to convince cel to hoard and take pictures, but i need to have some more luck in bel and ken’s cases!) and i am very much excited. i plan to ride every little one which will allow jared on them…

      my entry to mommy moments go click on the badge to link up!

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      an early christmas giveaway from pink magaline

      giveways, i just love them (even though i haven’t won a single price as of yet, but am keeping my fingers crossed)!
      i am excited that one of my mommy blogger friends, mrs. kolca (to the blogging world) or mommy jingke ( to her mummy blogger friends) is hosting a fab giveaway as an early christmas gift and a way of saying thank you. successful blogging venture, i must say! i must join!
      loads of fabulous fab finds are up for grabs and the mechanics are easy-peasy, so procrastinate not, and waste not those precious free time while the baby is fast asleep, head on down to pink magaline for details.
      and if asked why i should win this lovely giveway?i need to prettify for the coming holiday season!
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