kids in doodles: my favorite person

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time again for another round of kids in doodles + we’re putting a twist to our  good ol’ meme by having a theme each week! how’s that sound to you? feel free to suggest next week’s theme in a comment below, right?+ for this week, our theme is:

 my favorite person

oh well, i bet mum + my titas will raise a stink if i declare that my tito is my favorite person, but i guess they’d understand, given that i do not see him too often + you’d rarely see us in a photo together. in fact, you will be hard up to find a photo with my tito in it. he shuns the camera as much as he can.

on my third birthday, though, he cannot avoid it any longer as the tantrum-stricken me decided to clung to him as much as i can + refused to go with anybody else. hence, our photos together. 😉

i know you can hardly see his face on those photos, but that is the best we’ve got + i am just glad to share with you my tito‘s photos. 🙂

okay, your turn to brag about your favorite person. do not forget to grab one of our badges here + include it in your post, right? include your post on our linky + hop on to the other participants’ entries to make this more exciting! 😉

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kids in doodles: a weekend with my cousins

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we live in the same city, but you’d think we live in different countries or planets since we seldom see each other. it has actually been a while since i last saw my cousins, kuya sean + ate shane, that is why i was really happy when i finally came to see them two sundays ago when we visited my grandparents’ graves. they have grown bigger + taller compared to the last time i’ve seen them. both my cousins busied themselves with school during weekdays.

the memorial is one big green park, with lots of stuff to explore + loads of area to cover + run around, that is why after a round of greetings, we were immediately on our toes walking around with our tita jinky 🙂

kids in doodles, playtime, weekend, out + about, family

we had a wonderful sunday together. the grown ups also made plan to for us to see madagascar that afternoon, but we lacked the time + decided we just do it some other time. oh well, i really had a wonderful time playing with my cousins again, much like the old times!  hopefully i’d get to see them again real soon so we can play with my new finn mcmisile die cast car {which I shall share with you in another post, i promise}! 🙂

kids in doodles, out + about, playtime, weekend, family

time for you to share your doodles with us.  the rules of our game is very simple, you post any photo or video with the kiddos in it! do not forget to include one of our meme badges, which  can be found here, hop on to the other participants + leave your comments! easy-peasy, right? so i look forward to all your entries + here’s to another beautiful week ahead + never you mind the rain! 😉

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happy new year!

greetings, new year, 2012, kids

here’s wishing everyone a very happy + prosperous 2012! ^_^

for the first time i was awake to celebrate the coming of the new year, i was playing with my tito, who was here with tita bel to celebrate the new year with us.   we watched loads of fireworks from the tv + from our neighbors. although, i got scared a few times when the noise got too overwhelming, i still get to have a great time + enjoyed a media noche treat, too, my favorite, hotdog! 🙂

i also added to the new year festivities by playing my drum, my castanet + tambourine stick loud. it was so much fun!

kids, greetings, new year, family

from our family to yours, happy new year! 🙂

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my cousins

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my ate shane

kuya sean + ate shane are my favorite cousins in the world {i’ve only got 2, by the way ;)} .i enjoy playing with them, laughing with them + watching my favorite cartoons with them. kuya sean also lets me borrow all his toys + i share mine with them, too. we spent so many hours just playing or biking around the neighborhood with kuya sean pushing while ate shane drives the bike. me, am just the rider at the back + mum looks after us to make sure we are safe + not wandering out in the streets.

kids, play, Jared, family
my kuya sean

since we moved to our new home, i haven’t seen my cousins + it has been 3 weeks already. we visited our house a week ago, but they are out somewhere. i only get to see their pet hamsters + i enjoyed watching them while they much on their grasses. too bad, mum did not have the camera that time, i hope we can take photos of the hamsters so i can share them here.

oh, well, i just wish i’d see my cousins soon as i am missing them already….

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kids in doodles 04: mum or monkey bars?


i’ve written about our recent trip to tagaytay, but i failed to mention that apart from enjoying the scenic view, i also enjoyed doing this! err, i don’t exactly know what to call this nifty thing i discovered but here’s how it goes: when am sensing mum would put me down (most especially when we are outside or in a crowded place ;)), to show my disapproval i’d just claw my way to not being put down. i’d wrap my legs around mum’s leg so she won’t be able to put me down. in the end, i manage to stay in her arms! neat, right? it’s much like making a vertical monkey bar out of mum’s leg.

it really is effective, you should try it sometime 😉

sharing my trick through: 



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