on biking + tips on how to care for your bike

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Biking is probably one of the most enjoyable thing to do, that was why I was so happy when my tito + titas gave me one for my birthday last year. I was so excited to learn how to ride it + would ask mum to help me take it out to the garage where I can ride almost every single day. Even though I was still quite small to learn how to ride a bike at that time, mum would patiently teach me how to pedal + would push me around the garage just so I can have a feel of how it is like to actually ride a bike. Biking, or cycling as what others call it, is also a perfect form of exercise as you work out your leg muscles, as well as your arms and hands as you ride.

Unfortunately, after a year of using my bike, the Lightning McQeen bike seat just gave in + snapped. Mum is not sure whether we can still have it repaired or if we need to buy a new one, which might take a while as these bikes do not come cheap. It was really sad that I can no longer ride my bike. I would really love how to learn how to pedal + am so much willing to practice everyday to finally learn how to do it.

fun activities for children, games for little children, my favorite things

Oh well, I hope you have more luck with your bikes than I did. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your bike so you can use it for years and years to come:

  1. Stash your bike in a Bike storage when not in use, to ensure that it is in a-okay condition + to ward off potential danger or damage
  2. Inflate your tires properly before riding to prevent untimely tire damage and to ensure your safety while riding your bike
  3. Keep your bike day to prevent rust from damaging the metal parts of your bike. When it accidentally gets wet while you are riding, make sure to dry it up before you stash it away
  4. Oil your bike’s pedals + chains as these moving parts tend to grind on each other when not well oiled.
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Entertaining Girls: Ball Gown Costumes and More

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The great thing about children is that they can use very few materials to entertain themselves with their big imaginations. This type of play and creativity is an important part of childhood. If your daughter is complaining frequently about being bored, here are a few things you can do to influence her play and creativity. She can play with dolls, read or do other brain games, or play dress-up with ball gown costumes.

Play with Dolls

You might notice that some girls at a very young age pretend to be a mommy to a little doll. For this, all she will need is one! With other equipment, she may be able to do more, but that’s not necessary. She can dress and undress the doll, with a variety of outfits if those are available. She can pretend to change the baby’s diaper. Or your daughter can push the doll around in a play stroller or pretend to feed it. With friends over, or with other siblings, she can use the baby to play “house,” which is a great activity for growing brains.

Brain Games

Reading is something else that is vital for the growth of your child. Make the time to sit down with her and the rest of your children to read to them. When they are very little, picture books would be more appropriate. You can find lots of these for cheap at the dollar store or online. As they get older, it is excellent to expose them to longer chapter books where they have to follow a story. You can play other games to challenge her mind, too. Pointing out all objects of a certain color or shape, or coming up with rhyming words are some possibilities.


Little girls just love to play dress-up. Along with a friend or sister, your daughter can use plastic play makeup to pretend she is beautifying herself. She can use your clothes and shoes, or you can buy her some inexpensive ball gown costumes to play with. Go one step further and put on a fashion show where you take pictures. She will feel like a celebrity and will never complain of being bored.

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Little girls, much like little boys, are so easy to entertain. Stories, dolls + playing dress up are just a few of the things they can do to pass hours upon hours. + while you’re there, you might also want to include goofing around with mum + playing in her gadgets for hours on end. 🙂

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