colorful gummy bears + other candies from trolli

i won, colorful things, giveaway prize

mum won yet another giveaway on facebook + this time our prize are these colorful + delicious treats from trolly. these goodies were delivered right at our doorsteps one fine day. inside the big packages are packs + packs of candies + this big rectangle box with loads of red strips that mum + tita love the most! our prize also includes this colorful backpack that has gummi bears inside 😀

i won, colorful things, giveaway prize

no worries about toothache as i am not that much keen on these candies just yet, but am sure i will be when i am a bit older. i would love to be photographed with them, though, so enjoy our photos! 😀

 i won, colorful things, giveaway prize

thanks trolli for this loot, the grown ups loved the impromptu trolli party + am sure my cousins enjoyed the bagful of yummy goodies mum sent them, too! 😉

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