another take on The Ten on October 10 Written by Mys giveaway

this giveaway is fairly easy-peasy, all you have to do is write about this prompts:

10 Things I like about Written by Mys  
10 Things I Dislike about Written by Mys  
10 Themes for Letters That I’ll Never Send  
10 Things I wish for Written by Mys  
10 Topics Written by Mys should write about


writing 5 entries will earn you a total of 35 points, if not you get additional 5 points for each prompt.  Promo ends by November 15. for the rest of the contest mechanics, do show some love to Written by Mys blog.

for now here is my take on yet another giveaway prompt:

10 Topics Written by Mys should write about
1.Articles on motherhood
2.Places to go to for trick or treating activities for kids
3.Personal recipes perhaps
4.Fond memories of christmas
5.Where to buy the best bargain for Christmas shopping
6.Quote of the day or quote of the week
7.Daily writing prompts
8.More tips on how to earn online
9.Create your own bloghop
1  Featured movie of the month

    what are you waiting for? post your entries now to win exciting prizes…goodluck!

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another giveaway entry for Written by Mys…

10 Things I wish for Written by Mys
1.  more thought-provoking entries to write
2.  to become a published writer
3.  more exciting giveways
4.  good health to you and your family
5.  more reason to celebrate and be thankful for
6.  create loving and lasting memories with the people you love
7.  to sing in the shower, dance like no one’s watching and just basically live a full and fulfilling life
8.  more earning opportunities online
9.  walk on bare feet more often
10. all the best!
this giveaway is brought to us by the following:

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hop on to Written by Mys for more details on how to join this cool giveaway.
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Ten Themes for Letters That I’ll Never Send

i was bloghopping the other day and stumbled upon this giveaway by Written by Mys, so here goes my first entry:

1.  Letter to my parents
2.  Letter to my son for each of his birthday
3.  Letter to my beloved
4.  Letter to my favor author
5.  Letter to my grandparents
6.  Letter to my favorite artist
7.  Letter to my very first crush
8.  Letter to my OB-GYNE!
9.  Letter to my last employer
10.Letter to President Aquino

this lovely giveaway is brought to you by these equally lovely sponsors:

hop on to Written by Mys site to join this giveaway..goodluck!
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diaper booboo…

i have been an EQ Dry  user since jared was 4 months, a good mummy friend of mine, who also happens to be jared’s godmother, jannai, gave me a  pack as a baptismal gift so i can try it.  her baby jolo is also using the same brand. it was the best for my baby (hiyang in our vernacular), gone are the dappy leak so i’m sure that my son is getting enough sleep every night, and the nasty rash that he got from other nappies we’ve tried. happy baby equals happy mummy and everything seems rosy!

in may am only too glad when i found out that they are having  the EQ Dry Baby’s 1st Chair and Desk promo.  i’ll be hitting two birds with one stone you see.  my problem on how to dispose of the diaper packagings is solved plus i can get a premium item in return. it’s all good!i only need to collect 42 points worth of diaper packaging and am all set. a fellow SP mommy, Irish, even gave me 10-point worth of packs and am very greatful.

i sent the parcel thru jrs express last july 30, just in time for the promo’s deadline, bearing in mind that i will only have to wait a month for my premium items to arrive, i’m delighted that the parcel will arrive just in time for jared’s 1st birthday, it couldn’t get any better than that, right?

so i waited, one, two, three days passed, and what do you know a month passed and no sign of my parcel from the postman…i’ve waited two months or so after i finally resigned and convinced my self that probably my parcel got lost in transit! then i checked the SP Forum and found out i wasn’t the only one. in fact, a lot of mummies were wondering where have all our premium items gone! one even checked with jsunitrade but was greeted by a non-enthusiastic personnel. how sad and irresponsible is that?!

then the other day, i was facebooking (yes, i think this is an actual word) and saw a widget of eq diapers on my sidebars and it piqued my interest so i hurry on to the page. it turned out EQ Diapers has just recently joined Facebook and they have also recently came out with a website of their own, EQ Diapers.

i posted a comment on their wall asking about my premium items and they quickly get back to me saying they will send a message to address the concern.  and after a while they posted this on their wall :

Thank You for joining EQ Dry Baby’s 1st chair and Desk redemption promo. We are sorry for the delay of the delivery of your premium item/s. Rest assured that all your entries are being processed. Please expect the delivery of you premium item/s between 1st to 3rd week of December 2010.

now at least we still have reason enough to wait and not harass the postman suspecting he decided to bring home our parcel and we can now sit back thinking that the precious time and effort we give to the promo will not go to waste. so sit back mummies and let’s wait some more..

Plus, in celebration of their newly established website, EQ Diaper invites you to become a member of  EQ Club. i’ve attached the registration form here. the first 100 members win special gift packs plus your baby get to have the EQ club card, so sign up now and let us see how they fair on this one…

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celebrating motherhood – a giveaway

being fairly new in the mummy blogging universe, am always on the look out on which next lovely mummy blog to follow and is almost always excited to join groups and yes, contests and giveaways (even if i don’t win most of the time, sigh!).

this morning while sifting through my mummy blogger list, i came across this contest from martine of dainty mom. celebrating motherhood -the painter’s wife blog giveaway. lovely mummy and baby items (including a 3-pc burp cloth from nursingmom and a onesie or a t-shirt from googoo&gaga ) are up for grabs with a free GC to Chili Willy’s Texas Grill (perfect for a night out with daddy, woot!) to boot!

to join just drop by painter’s wife’ blog and follow the easy steps, also don’t forget to mention that i, jared’s mum, told you about the buzz, when leaving your comment.

contest runs till 3rd of november, so what are you waiting for? time to win some goodies and cross our fingers and celebrate our motherhood!


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