hi fives july!

July, calendar

wow! we are done with half of the year + just two more months before i turn 2! yipee! i don’t think there will be quite a celebration much like last year’s but am sure mum is cooking up something to celebrate my two years of life. i am sure it’s going to be fun 😉

last month had been one heck of a roller coaster ride, what with my blog’s unexpected transfer from my old home (blogger) into this brand spankin’ new wordpress space (which reminds me, i have not thanked the person responsible for my new domain, so there goes another post coming up) + am enjoying every minute of it so far, although mum has a lot of new things to learn, am sure she is having a great time, too! 😉

i have not been out much the last month, blame it on the bad weather + typhoon Falcon in general. It pretty rained most of the days that it is quite inconvenient to go out + go some place. well, it was a good thing we never ran out of things to watch, i’ve been watching tangled + a new-found favorite, finding nemo, for days on end + mum alternates it with other cartoons we have. i have also been joining my tito ken in his harry potter movie marathons, lately.

july is another rainy month here in our part of the world, i only hope typhoons to come won’t be as bad as the last + that there will be more sunny days so i can get out much.

online, mum will be very busy trying to do much of the work around my blog this month. + a new blog design is included in the line up. it is about time for this blog to look more fun + kid-friendly 🙂

also, if you can do me a teensy-weensy favor, please add my blog to your blog list, see i have lost most of my links when i transferred to this new domain + am now working to re-build them again. i’ll have a separate post for that too!

so that’s about it from me, i hope we all have a wonderful + safe july! please visit my blog regularly, if you can + leave those comments, we will be delighted to read them + return the favor 😀

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hello wordpress, hello world!

yes, my blog’s migration to WordPress is finally complete (with just a little tinkering here + there, i guess!) + we are feeling quite on-the-top-of-the-world today! woot! mum + i would like to give our shout out + thank-you’s to mummy rubz for helping mum out with her quandary + saving her all the stress + the trouble! you’ve done a great job mummy rubz, much thanks (+ top that with loads of hugs from me, too! ;))

please, feel free to look around, it’s quite a bit different from our last home but mum kept as much element from there +brought them over here, so it feels brand new + familiar at the same time!

while you are at it, would you mind subscribing to us via e-mail too? mum made a new feed account due to the transfer + we’ve lost all of our 200+ readers, pretty please?!

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also, if i can just ask a teensy-weensy favor? would you be kind enough to update our links with your blogs to http://ethanjared.com, it will be much appreciated, we’ve also brought in all our links from the previous blogs here, just so you know 😉


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happy new year to one + all

happy new year everyone! 
2010 has been one heck of a year, my son turned one year old, thus i also celebrated my one year of mummyhood and what better way to celebrate that by starting my own blog!
jared’s little corner of world… was initially set up to record my preparations and progress on jared’s first birthday, but later on has been my venue to meeting other mummy bloggers, going to blogger events, getting freebies (which i totally lurve!), and joining contests (i won two this year, not bad for a rookie, ayt?).
alas, the year is a day’s shy of being over and i didn’t get around to posting what transpired on august 30 in full (but i pledge to do that before the year ends or if i am really pressed for time, before the first week of the new decade ends!)!
personally, it has been one amazing year, and i feel totally blessed! as a blogger, from being a bloggie-wannabe to having actually maintained this blog for over 4 months now, i say it was a mean feat considering i started out with nil knowledge on it, and now, 60 followers and counting! way to go!
thank-you’s are in order: to my followers, to my e-mail subscribers, to you my reader, i thank you from the bottom of this sahm’s heart!here is hoping for a longer and lasting blogging relationship, to more fun events in the coming year, more contests and freebies and hopefully more interesting and educating posts in 2011;
to my siblings, niece, nephew, cousin, and friends thanks for making my 2010 very interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile;
to daddy, i didn’t think i told you, many thanks for allowing me to stay at home so i can take care of our son, it is the best job i’ve ever had, and i appreciate all your efforts…
to my beautiful son, jared, thanks for giving me the most wonderful gift of motherhood…i cannot say enough, i cannot thank you enough..you gave my life new meaning, you gave me a hundred reasons to wake up each day…you are my life, my everything…
to the all, you have been nothing but good to me no matter what happens…thanks..
sorry, this post turned out very mushy and long, i daresay, i do not want to keep you away from your new year’s eve preparations for too long. so bye for now and see you again in 2011. 
on with the celebration! 
from my family to yours, happy new year!
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merry christmas to one and all!

amidst the gift-buying, bonus-giving, the good food, the merriment and all the festivities that surround this much-anticipated of holidays, stop and reflect that the true meaning of christmas is the hope of the birth of christ and spending it with the people you love….

a happy christmas and a meaningful holiday to us all!

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