Dressing Up As Harry Potter

Mum recently re-posted this photo of me from several Halloweens ago when I dressed as Harry Potter. This is to commemorate the glorious 20 years of our favorite wizard of all! My mum + her siblings’ fascination for the wizarding world of JK Rowling is slowly rubbing in on me + I think it won’t be long now until I read our hardbound books! It is just waiting for when I am ready for their pages! But I have already seen the film versions a number of times! 🙂

For this costume, we got a ready-made black robe from a shop in the city center + borrowed my tito‘s wand. For the finishing touch, we bought the rimmed-glass from a vendor in the market for Php20 {about $0.39} and viola, I transformed into Harry! Do you think I look like him? 🙂

It is only several months before Halloween + I hope I’d still fit into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Raphael costume mum got me earlier this year. I will wear it to the Halloween celebration in school or if not, mum promised we’d join a local Trick Or Treat activity so I can wear my costume. I am excited! Who are you going to be this Halloween? 🙂

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last harry potter movie

my tito ken + i have been watching this a lot lately. this is the trailer for the new harry potter film (the last of ’em according to my mum). i actually find voldemort so mean + scary + i actually cried a few times in some scenes where he was shown, especially that scene in part 1 of this film where he was having a meeting with his death eaters + he screamed! i was startled that led to my crying. i startle easily you see!

i really don’t know why the grown-ups like this a lot, it is way too dark for my taste. i’d really love to see some colors + singing + dancing, maybe i should stick to my disney cartoons for now, what say you? 😉

i am sure mum won’t pass up on the chance to have me photographed beside a larger than life harry potter poster or whatever you call those displays in cinemas, so i guess, for the potter fanatic out there, it will be something to watch out for.

have a great one folks! 😉



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harry potter movie marathon

Harry Potteroffline for 3 days + occupied

i told you about our internet being down for 3 days + it rained the entire time, we never had the chance to go out of the house for a walk or a few minutes under the sun, no thanks to typhoon falcon. On friday, even my tita cecille was home-bound since due to the bad weather her boss cancelled work for that day. to keep ourselves amused, mum + i (with tito ken as alternate) would watch the rain from our bedroom window + see the water growing in our backyard (which is about up to my mum’s ankles by friday morning).

we’ve been doing it for several days already since it has been raining almost all week that everyone is just too tired of the rain come friday afternoon + is just praying it would go away sooner!

the grown-ups rediscovered an old favorite pastime activity + since i am only about 22 months + cannot really articulate my protest, i give in! but enjoyed much just a few minutes into it! yep, did i tell you people here at home are potter-nuts! they can talk harry potter all day long + yes, it also follows, they can watch potter movies on dvd’s all day long! + we did!

we started the journey with harry’s first brush with magic folk during his first year at hogwarts school. of course, there is no way you’d keep me glued on our lg screen longer than 30 minutes at a time, so i keep myself entertained + occupied with toys or books or my dood (that’s my baby talk for milk) or i’d sometimes doze off for a few minutes of naps!

long before i know it the first movie is finished + tito ken is fishing his 2nd dvd from his room. by the time the day is about to end + i was getting ready for bed, we have finished all 3 first movies already!

i really enjoyed watching most of it, especially that part with buckbeak + the flying car! i wish i can ride on beakie’s back too or drive a flying car! it will be very cool! 😉 i also find fluffy, the dog with 3 heads, very cute + funny!

am not sure when we will have a potter movie marathon again, but i’ll be sure to watch with the grown-ups again! maybe my tito will let me borrow his wand for a while so he can teach me some spells 😉

mum said the last harry potter movie will be shown very soon + the grown-ups are all raving about it! i hope i can watch it with them, but mum said i am not big enough to join! i guess i’ll just see it on dvd when it is out, then!

image from http://www.oldies-fever.com/2011/06/harry-potter-and-philosophers-stone.html

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can’t get enough of harry potter

as the clock winds down to the last couple of days before the showing of the first installment of the last Harry Potter book, every potter-fanatic in this muggle world is beside himself with excitement. or if your were like me, cramming and fretting if i will ever get to finish the book, all 759 pages of it (i’ve read the first one hundred the last time i attempted to read and finish it!) before i see the film. or you are probably rummaging through the trailers and videos and photos (london premiere included) online (much like my lil bro, ken, is doing. whatever pre-deathly hallows activities suits you, goodluck with it. a few more days and we will all be trooping the the cinemas in the metro to witness the end of our beloved saga and we anticipate with mixed emotions. how do we say farewell to someone who has been part of lives much like a close friend or a cousin?and can we ever stop wondering if there ever will be another book coming up?i wonder…
for now, jared will have to bare with the potter loonies in this abode and amuse himself watching the official trailer over, and over, and over again or feast on these lovely images for the hundredth time…

the main casts with author jk rowling at the world premiere in london
daniel radcliffe, emma watson and rupert grint

see you at the cinemas everyone…


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Meet Me On Monday 04

1. Have you ever been on a cruise?
2. What is your favorite way to eat eggs?
3. What is your favorite reading material?
4. Name all the pets that you have ever had?
5. Were you ever a girl/boy scout?

My answers:

1. I have been on a cruise ship when i was on my second job. it was a seminar on-board a WG&A Superferry, a roundtrip from Manila to Cebu. the best thing was it was my first time to go on a ship cruise and i was very delighted, it was a terrific experience. the downside though is that the seminars are held during the day and we didn’t have much time to sightsee in the mornings when you can have the best view of the sea, and if  we are ever lucky, dolphins! we were not able to explore much of Cebu City, either, since the ship docked for only 2 hours i think, so we hurriedly took a trip around the metro to see as much as we can and off we are again..i would love to take one again if time and my pocket will permit and would gaze like mad at the sea each chance i get to see lovely sea creatures!
2. no other way to have my eggs but sunnyside up!

3. i love books: the Harry Potter saga, the Shopaholic series, Coelho’s haunting creation, Albom’s emotional and melancholic tales, parenting books and romance novels. i don’t have the luxury to spend most of my time engrossed in a book since motherhood has taken a good deal of my time, and am not complaining, but i still try to get my hands on as many books as i can.  plus i also obsessed on SmartParenting Magazine, which i read with my son.
4. my memory will fail me on this one since we’ve had quite a few pets since childhood, mostly dogs and only had a cat, Tammy, but will try my best to recall them. Our very first dog was Lassie and a friend of mine gave me my very own pet dog, Glenn when i was in college. then we had Lia and Glenn gave birth to Nick and four other lovely puppies which i have the misfortune to forget the names. i think we also had a dog called Mark. i have to check with my siblings for their names! (blame it on my post-c section memory!)
5. i was a star scout in the elementary days and went on to be a Girl scout till the last year in high school.  i love being one, i got to participate in many different activities like camping and got to meet loads of other kids. sometimes, i surprise myself when out of the blue i would just sing the Girl Scout Hymn of my fifth grade self!

now it’s your turn, just click on the image to link up with Meet Me On Monday!

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