Keeping My White Stuff White

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Ever since I was an infant, mum made it a point to clothe me in white, she said she finds those infant tie-side shirts and those itsy bitsy little booties and mittens look so much better in white. Mum also bought me a couple of dozens of cloth diapers, which was later on used as bibs, instead, and those were my favorites and I never go out of the house without one of them. Apart from those white cloth diapers, mum also made it a habit to buy me white shorts and sandos {sleeveless undershirt}, like the one am wearing on the photo, for example, which mum bought when we went to Baguio about 2 years ago, as they are the comfiest to wear, especially when I am just at home and the weather is sweltering, I perspire too much, you see.

Those sandos that mum bought are mostly a size or two bigger than me so that I can get to wear them longer, probably for a few months more or even a year, but due to the wear and tear of regular use, those white sandos are mostly grayish and worn. Mum does not have the heart to throw them away while they still fit me so she was hoping to find something that would restore their white color so they would look better than their current state.

I guess that is the reason why mum was excited to stumble upon Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent at South Supermarket, where we usually go to buy groceries. She said she was wary about using just any detergent on my stuff, but Perwoll won her over because it is safe to use on sensitive skin like mine and promises to be gentle on mum’s hands, too. In addition, this product is also environment-friendly, which earned it another point in my mum’s book. 

Perwoll according to mum who made it a point to read the labels, is manufactured by the German company, Henkel, and not only uses the innovative fiber rebonding technology that prevents colors from fading and restore the gray appearing fabric but also has optical brighteners that re-new white colors without using any bleaching agents. This particular variant is most ideal to use on white colored clothes. The manufacturers have also come up with variants that are perfect to use on black, as well as colored, clothes, which I am sure most mums will like. 

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