my ironman posters

my favorite things, ironman, super heroes

i was bitten by the ironman bug and for awhile i was talking non-stop about it! mum got me the ironman official magazine which i read just about every day! dad also got me this super cool ironman poster from mcdonald’s the last time we went there to eat. it came free from the burger meal that he ordered. this poster features the shotgun armor. am sure you all know that ironman got a lot of different armors, right? 🙂

my favorite things, ironman, super heroes

my second ironman poster was courtesy of my tito ken, which we got on election day. this time, it features red snapper, which is the armor tony starks wore at the latest ironman film. don’t you think he’s cool? 😉

i never got to complete all 4 mcdonald’s posters but i got two other ironman posters from another source. i will share those with you next time!

bye for now! 🙂


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