baby’s day out

finally, after way too much delay, we were able to go to activefun and have a day of fun + play. i purchased a voucher from ensogo for half the price in january and i was surprised when i found out that it was for unlimited playtime, so it really was every cent’s worth! i only need to pay additional Php50 (since we went on a friday) + Php125 for an adult entry (of course, i need to accompany jared while he plays, daddy looks on the sideline and act as our photographer). after putting my socks on (everyone who enters the play area needs to wear one, you know for hygienic purposes), off we go to infinite playtime.


jared walked and walked, and walked some more, exploring every nook + cranny of this children wonderland. we climbed the stairs and ladder, we played on the slides, we went on a jaunt at the trampoline and sat with gazillion little balls. we also played with this giant wall piano which my baby utterly enjoyed.

we played for solid two hours, and the little man is simply unstoppable + seemed to never ran out of energy. we navigated the play are a second and a third time, then sat beside the giant octopus chair to rest + rehydrate and took some photos then we were off again.

i realized how much i was in bad shaped when i started panting + catching my breath while i run after my little tot, gees, i guess i really need to get back in shape…

all in all, it was another fun-filled day for us + i must commend the activefun crew for being friendly + accomodating.

how about you, where have you + your tot played lately?

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of raising a bookworm in the making…

i simply love reading and i was wishing this would rub off to my son and he’d grow up to be a book lover as well. apart from following mum’s footsteps, here are a few of the benefits jared will get from reading:

  • develops a good vocabulary 
  • helps build spelling skills when he is already in school
  • encourages him to hopefully write his own stories later on 
  • encourages creativity + curiosity
  • builds empathy
  • helps build critical thinking + character later on in life

and these are the steps i’d like to take to keep my son hooked:

  • pique his interest. before he was even born i’ve bought a couple of kiddie books which i think he might find interesting. jared started out his appreciation by looking at the books while i read to him when he was very little, chewing at the ends of a book while he was teething (even if i bough him a soft book which doubles as a chew toy!), with another book ending up all tattered with all the pages torn when he learned using his pincer grasp, to looking + laughing at the pictures of one of his dinosaur books, to taking his book from his toy bin + mumbling whilst holding it (as if pretending to read it!)
  • be a role model. i am walking the talk, so to speak, and my son would always catch me reading a book or a magazine whenever i get the chance ( i was reading to him way before he can appreciate it, heck i was reading to him aloud every night when he was still in my tummy!). soon enough, he was imitating me + could not wait to get his hands on whatever it is i am reading.
  • leave reading materials around the room. i simply love books + it is tantamount to saying i have books everywhere. + i let jared touch them and look at them, i even make sure he holds a book right side up so he’ll begin to get the hang of it. i also placed his books where he can easily retrieve them whenever the reading drive kicks in.
    so how do you plan to raise a book lover?

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    of looking back to the week that was…

    a great week ahead of us all mummies and apologies for my belated greeting (i know i’m deciding against my feeble attempt for a plausible excuse)

    last week went out smoothly this corner of the world.
    on monday, i’ve finally placed the wall decals that my friend gave me in our room and jared instantly liked it. it was a wall sticker with two lovely blue birds with leaves and flowers. i just started slapping the flowers everywhere + placed the two birds near the bed, much like a sticker headboard, i was done when i noticed the instruction guide on the piece of paper in the wrapping. heck, i like the birds perched as our headboard better! (will post a pic of it later)

    we went out to buy groceries and stopped by razon’s for a palatable treat, was not able to eat my fave halo-halo though since i was full by the time i finish my palabok + fresh lumpia. yes, i can recall it was a valentine’s monday but we never really celebrated valentine’s as a couple. maybe if jared is a little bigger we can start our own tradition of giving-mommy-flowers-on-valentine’s!

    the mid-week quickly went by with house chores on my plate, i planned to finish everything before friday comes, since we agreed to take jared out by then for his long-overdue baby’s day out. you’ll probably also notice that i have only too few posts over the week, pardon me. it was just me catching up on my zzzzzz + catching up on my reading. a good blogger friend of mine, vance, gave me a copy of dan brown’s the lost symbol + i’ve currently lost myself following the exploits of my favorite symbologist, robert langdon, in washington d.c. to uncover the centuries-old masonic secret. i have 200-more pages to go so i’ll probably finish that later today. you see reading is my passion, aside from blogging which has quickly been turning into one, too. and nothing excites me more than the smell of books, old  + new, + the infinite possibility a good book presented! i am a child again lost in my first fairytale book.

    jared contemplates on climbing this slide

    the much-awaited baby’s day out took place, finally, on friday. i bought an activefun unlimited voucher for half its original price from ensogo a few weeks (or is it months, can’t actually recall!haha!) back and glad we are finally using it. i was so looking forward to playing there with my son. the play day turned out beautifully well, jared enjoyed it tremendously. we played for two hours and had loads of fun.

    on sunday, i was suppose to attend mommy blogger joy’s first anniversary party + i was so excited about that, but much to my regret, i had to cancel last minute since no one is available to babysit my little tot for me, see i need to get up way too early to beat the 8am call time + waking jared up that early so he can come with me is just an option i really do not consider. so maybe next time…

    later that day, we just went out, with jared, cel, bel (who, by the way, will be unveiling her new blog soon + am so excited about it too – finally my cajoling and convincing worked!) + my nephew sean, and trooped to  walter mart after visiting my parents’ grave. i need a replenishment of jared’s milk + distilled water. we had kfc bucket meal for dinner.and i simply can’t forget what my soon-to-be-five nephew said to my sister cel.

    tita, kuha ka pa kanin, gusto ko pa! (tita, get more rice, i want some more!)

    he said that matter-of-factly, as if kfc’s kitchen is our very own kitchen!  kids, don’t they just say the cutest things?!

    and of course, another reason that never failed to make up my wonderful week, my blog and blogging in general, it never fails to bring a smile on my face whenever i see a new comment on my post, or found a new follower/subscriber. thanks to you all for making my day!

    so how did your week go?join us in whatta wonderful week bloghop and let’s all look forward to another wonderful week ahead!

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    mommy moments – dear baby

    my everdearest jared, 
    the day i found out i was pregnant with you was the day my stars finally properly aligned and the day you were born was the happiest day of life, the beginning of a wonderful, life-long adventure. i have long prayed and dreamed of becoming a mum and it was finally becoming a reality.  i have embraced it with arms wide open and welcomed you into my life with all my heart and soul. 
    you were, are, and always will be god’s best gift to mum. 
    motherhood is a humbling experience, i didn’t think i will ever be worthy and i wake up with awe every day, half amazed and half disbelieving of the grace i received.
    i hope you to be a fine, young man someday, compassionate yet firm, wise yet humble, laid back yet passionate, mysterious and simple. i hope you learn a little from mum each day as we go along. i hope to create wonderful memories with you, son, traditions and rites. but more importantly i hope to show you each and every way i can just how much i love you.

    my entry to this week’s 

    mommy moments


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    look who just turned 17 months

    time does fly by too quickly when one’s having fun, little did i know, another month went by and my not-so-little-anymore love is turning another month older. he is now officially 17 months beginning sunday last.

    this month he:

    • has two new teeth erupting (maybe that’s what’s making him fuzzy and fidgety at night) and is discovering the beauty of oral hygiene and brushing (which i have to make a separate post on). those make his teeth 10 in total.
    • is now 14 kilos heavy
    • has devised this fun play between him and mum, with him hiding behind mum and mum pretending to be looking for him everywhere + then he will pop from behind and erupt into giggles and laughters (really fun stuff, you should try it at home)
    • is loving pasta!
    • walks like a rabid and will roam the entire house in a minute if left alone
    • throws his clogs out the door as if telling mum “let’s go out”
    • enjoys his other new game – going up and down the bed and calling his clueless mum when he is on top of the bed
    • is still babbing endlessly and from the looks of it we will be expecting new words from him soon
    • discovers the joy of eating nuts!
    • is using more and more strange toys for play (to date he’s played with mum’s cds, the plug protectors – which i will write about next, keys, the empty cotton buds bin)
    • will be going to his pedia for his hepa A second shot

    happy 17th month son, and here’s to more celebrations and a lifelong journey of  awe, wonder and being-down-on-my-knees-for-having-you-as-a-child moments! mum loves you to bits, from the ends of your curly black hair, down to the tips of your chubby little toes!

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