hi july!

greetings, July

we barely notice the month of june floating away because mum + i were both busy with school + everything that i had to do related to it. before the school year started, we were busy preparing all my school stuff + the supplies we had to bring to school. when my classes started, we were both occupied to make it to school on time. on most times we were successful but there are also time we fail to make it in time for the flag ceremony or when the school bell rang for my first class but i am sure we will get the hang of it very soon.

july will probably be another exciting month + i do hope i get to learn a lot more in school + finally make friends, too! i also hope we have a couple of outdoor adventures on weekend if the weather will allow. i am sure mum can also throw in a couple of posts here from time to time.

i hope you will have an equally interesting + exciting july, do tell me about yours in a comment below. cheers!


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hi fives july!

July, calendar

wow! we are done with half of the year + just two more months before i turn 2! yipee! i don’t think there will be quite a celebration much like last year’s but am sure mum is cooking up something to celebrate my two years of life. i am sure it’s going to be fun 😉

last month had been one heck of a roller coaster ride, what with my blog’s unexpected transfer from my old home (blogger) into this brand spankin’ new wordpress space (which reminds me, i have not thanked the person responsible for my new domain, so there goes another post coming up) + am enjoying every minute of it so far, although mum has a lot of new things to learn, am sure she is having a great time, too! 😉

i have not been out much the last month, blame it on the bad weather + typhoon Falcon in general. It pretty rained most of the days that it is quite inconvenient to go out + go some place. well, it was a good thing we never ran out of things to watch, i’ve been watching tangled + a new-found favorite, finding nemo, for days on end + mum alternates it with other cartoons we have. i have also been joining my tito ken in his harry potter movie marathons, lately.

july is another rainy month here in our part of the world, i only hope typhoons to come won’t be as bad as the last + that there will be more sunny days so i can get out much.

online, mum will be very busy trying to do much of the work around my blog this month. + a new blog design is included in the line up. it is about time for this blog to look more fun + kid-friendly 🙂

also, if you can do me a teensy-weensy favor, please add my blog to your blog list, see i have lost most of my links when i transferred to this new domain + am now working to re-build them again. i’ll have a separate post for that too!

so that’s about it from me, i hope we all have a wonderful + safe july! please visit my blog regularly, if you can + leave those comments, we will be delighted to read them + return the favor 😀

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