messy-go-round reload: messy little chubby hands

messy baby, kids, playtime

check out my dirty hands, i got that after playing with my colored pens. my pens are colored blue, red + yellow, too bad the yellow one did not end up on my hands, too! πŸ™‚

messy baby, kids, playtime

it has been sometime since mum made a messy post, that is why i am glad that one of our favorite memes is back! yup, Β messy-go-round is back + it is time again to showcase those messy photographs. +, don’t forget to join the giveaway that goes with the meme, while you’re there, right? πŸ˜‰

what is your messy share for this week, link it up here:


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messing up mum’s purse

messing mum's purse, messy baby

one of the most fun thing to do is making a mess, won’t you agree? πŸ™‚ i have been making regular mess here + there. it keeps my hands busy + keeps mum occupied, too! {cleaning up after my mess! :D}

messing mum's purse, messy baby, messy-go-roundone of my favorites is raiding mum’s purse and upending it scatter its contents on our bed. see here, my mum’s purple purse has all these different colored cards, some bills + lovely coins, too. i count the coins when i am inspired. mum helps me with it most times.

messing mum's purse, messy baby, messy-go-roundsometimes when i am in the mood, i try to help mum keep away what i have scattered on the floor, just like that instance shown in the photo, but often, i would really rather scatter the stuffs, i am good at it. i leave all the cleaning to mum, for now πŸ™‚

this is my messy story of the week, care to share yours?

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missing our old messy house


Messy baby, kids, play

even if i am enjoying my stay here in our new home, exploring every nook + cranny + deciding that the 2nd floor balcony is Β my second favorite {next to the stairs ;)}, there are times when i still miss our old home.

i miss exploring our big house + running out to the yard every morning. i miss sitting in the cemented floor outside + exploring, touching rocks, fallen leaves + looking at wandering dogs + chickens.

i also miss scattering my stuff on the floor, just like what i did with my stuffs on this photo, i’ve thrown my toy eggs + crayons + a baby book on the floor, until my room’s all messy. it is my favorite pastime, you see, + am attempting to do this in our new place, too πŸ˜‰

but, what i miss most of all are my cousins + the time i spent playing with them for hours. i also miss my tito ken so much. i have not seen them for 3 weeks now. we visited 2 sundays ago but kuya sean + ate shane were not home. even tito ken went out for his usual sunday practice.

i hope we can visit home soon so i can get to play with them…

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messy-haired jared

kids, Jared, baby

i’m sharing with you today some photos of a baby-me with my very messy hair. i used to sport my hair very long since mum is one of those superstitious mum who’d like to have their children’s hair cut only when they turn a year old! yeah, I was still a few months shy of being one in this photo + haven’t gotten my very first hair cut yet!

baby, kids, Jared

my curls are in riot especially near my nape + they’ve grown a few inches more before i turned one that a lot of people are mistaking me for a girl! i even had it on ponytail for a while before I got a haircut.

i’ve got such a messy mane, don’t you think?

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messy-go-round: Jared + the messy buds

kids, playone of the things in our room that i really enjoy playing with are the cotton buds. i get the kicks at removing them from their resealable pack (of course, i ask mum’s help to do this for me ;)) + scattering them either on my mat, or the floor, my playpen or the bed (much like what in the photo).

kids, play

i like it when the tiny white cotton buds are strewn all over the place, disorderly + messy. i tried to count them one by one + grabbed as many as i can with my grubby little hands. it is very much fun πŸ˜‰

so, what have you been messing about lately?

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