Hapy Meal Toys 2017 ~ Despicable Me 3!

I just love the Despicable Me bunch! Gru is cool, the girls are all cute, + the minions are awesome! That is why I enjoy watching their films over again and playing with my old Happy Meal minion toys. I was also lucky to complete the set of Minions Happy Meal toys from a few years ago. It is also the reason why I am excited about the new Despicable Me 3 film + the Happy Meal toys!

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Just before I went back to school, we were able to get a complete set of the new Happy Meal Despicable Me 3 toys. The set includes the following toys:

  1. Agnes Rockin’ Unicorn {Agnes rocks back + forth if you move her unicorn ride}
  2. Despicable Duo {a cool car that has a surprise inside, a photo of Gru + Dru}
  3. Minion Antics {this minion’s arm rotates when you push the button at its back}
  4. Crab Bite Minion {his hat flies off when you push the red button on his backpack}
  5. Banana Launcher Minion {the purple anchor launches when you push the purple end of the Banana Launcher}
  6. Playful Minion {his tongue sticks out when you push at the “G” icon on his over-alls
  7. Groovin’ Minion {press it to the floor to see its arms alternately move up + down}
  8. Rocket Launcher Minion {push his wheels forward to see him zoom backwards}
  9. Pumping Iron Minion {move the lever on its back from left to write to see him pump his iron up + down}
  10. Minion Hydrocycle Surprise {the back of his ride pops + reveal a minion inside when the front wheel bumps into something}

minions, toys, collections, happy meal toys

I am happy to add these toys to my minion collections. They are all my favorites but I think the Despicable Duo is my most favorite because it has Gru and his twin brother, Dru. The minions in prison uniform are also cool because they remind me of Scofield + Lincoln from mum’s favorite tv series. ^_^

Are you also collecting the Despicable Me 3 Happy Meal toys? Which one is your favorite? 🙂

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Join The Minion Craze With McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys + Desserts!

The minion fever is in full blast yet again with their return to the big screen via the new Minion film, + if you have not seen it yet, I advise you do soon! I bet you will like it! 🙂

Aside from taking over the big screen, the minions are also taking over at McDonald’s with the return of the Happy Meal Minion Toys, which I have featured in my previous post.

I am very lucky that mum + dad agreed that we pre-order a complete set of the new Happy Meal toys + got them a week after we reserved. I was very happy to see my new minion toys + played with them countless of times after bringing them home.

Here is my complete set of the Happy Meal Toys 2015 Minion

Yes I am in minion heaven, but wait until mum got a lovely message from the McDonald’s pr telling her that our friends from McDonald’s are sending us a surprise gift + lo + behold, the surprise package that arrived in our doorstep is another complete set of the new Happy Meal Minion toys! Yes, my eyes are wide with wonder + excitement! ^_^

Thank you so much McDonald’s for sending me these lovely gifts! ^_^

By the way, the minions are not the only one invading McDonald’s + most household these days. The Minion Banana Festival has also taken over McDonald’s and they have awesome minions-inspired desserts to delight our taste buds.

Here are the new minion-themed desserts available in McDonald’s now:

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kids in doodles: cool minion felt keychains

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it was a few days to go before me + mum’s birthday + i am going to have a simple celebration in playschool with my classmates + our teacher.  so today for our kids in doodles i will share with you another minion stuff that mum will be putting on my birthday loot bag. these are a bunch of minion key chains made from felt. they are sooo cute, won’t you agree? i am sure my classmates will love them as much as i do! 😀

mum bought a bunch of them to include in my small loot bag, she added a few extra which we plan to give to my cousins, too! i really hope we can get a few more so we can share some to our online playmates, too! ^_^

do you have something cute or awesome to share? link up with kids in doodles and let’s make this game more fun! add one of our badges here + do not forget to give some love + hugs to our other playmates, too! i shall wait for your entries then! 🙂

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kids in doodles: the lovable minions

kids in doodles, my favorite things, cartoon characters, cartoons

hello boys + girls! it is time again for another round of kids in doodles. today am going to share with you one of my most favorite cartoon characters ~ the minions!

we simply love the movie despicable me, i think i must have seen it a couple dozens of times + we simply adore the minions. if i can have a real one at home i bet mum will also agree that we get one! 😀 we are so looking forward to watching the movie sequel this month + when we found out about the free minion toys at mcdonalds’, mum + i set out to collect them as soon as we got the chance.

i first got tim giggling, tom google grabber and jerry breakdancing on our very first minion hunt. we made it a habit to drop by the local mcdonalds’ after my playschool so that we can buy + collect all 9 toys available. the next ones i got are the 2 purple evil minions, chomper + noise maker. tito ken got them when he brought mcdonalds’ takeaway one sunday we visited them at home.

the second week of our minion hunt adventure started with dave gadget grabber and stuart light-up grabber. after a couple of days we got stuart babbler grabber. it took us a couple of days +  a visit to both local mcdonalds’ to get the last missing minion, but it turned out they were no longer available. good thing dad was able to get me one in a faraway branch.

kids in doodles, my favorite things, cartoon characters, cartoons

now i have a complete collection of 9 minion toys! i play with them every single day + watch my favorite cartoons with them. i also tag them along to playschool on occasions. 🙂

so what is your most favorite cartoon characters or toys at the moment? do share your doodles with us + join in on the fun. do not forget to visit the other participants + add one of these cute kids in doodles button on your post, right? i will wait for your entries then! 🙂

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