Is Your Breast Pump Covered by Insurance?

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Whether you are having your first baby or third, if you have decided on nursing your child you will want to make sure you add a breast pump to your list of things you must have. As much as you want to be there for your baby it may be virtually impossible, especially if you decide to return to work while you are still nursing. It is advisable to get your baby acquainted with a bottle that is filled with your breast milk before you have to wean him or her off the breast milk and on to a formula.

There are several different types of breast pumps available and before basing your decisions on which ones you prefer, you may be able to choose one that is covered by your health insurance. A double breast pump has become more and more popular with busy moms but the price tag on some can be as much as $300, although there are plenty of different options available.

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What You Need To Know On Pregnancy 

Nowadays people are not well educated on the topic of pregnancy. But this process requires lots of understanding and awareness from both parents, the mother and the father. In order to go well through all the phases of pregnancy  and child-rearing both parents especially the mother should consult good sources of information as well as take into consideration other women experiences. And where can you get in-depth, detailed information today? Right, on the internet. World wide web nowadays stands as a great source of information on pretty much everything you need. Pregnancy is not an exception. If you consult Google, you will find plenty of web pages, blogs and forums on getting pregnant and raising a child. Forums are great for sharing knowledge with other women more experienced than you. That is why, we do highly recommend that you consider this option which is absolutely free and contains loads of information that you might find to be very useful – try

Also a very important aspect to consider is the popularity and the reliability of the web page, blog or forum. Make sure you read some reviews on the web if there are any in order to familiarize yourself with the quality of the content exposed on the web page. It is important that you consult your family doctor before taking into consideration the advices on medicine and nutrition that you find on the web. Your child’s health comes first. Therefore, let these sources serve as a great support and training for the areas you’re not knowledgeable about. But don’t rely only on them. Seek medical advice when required.

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of looking back to the week that was…

a great week ahead of us all mummies and apologies for my belated greeting (i know i’m deciding against my feeble attempt for a plausible excuse)

last week went out smoothly this corner of the world.
on monday, i’ve finally placed the wall decals that my friend gave me in our room and jared instantly liked it. it was a wall sticker with two lovely blue birds with leaves and flowers. i just started slapping the flowers everywhere + placed the two birds near the bed, much like a sticker headboard, i was done when i noticed the instruction guide on the piece of paper in the wrapping. heck, i like the birds perched as our headboard better! (will post a pic of it later)

we went out to buy groceries and stopped by razon’s for a palatable treat, was not able to eat my fave halo-halo though since i was full by the time i finish my palabok + fresh lumpia. yes, i can recall it was a valentine’s monday but we never really celebrated valentine’s as a couple. maybe if jared is a little bigger we can start our own tradition of giving-mommy-flowers-on-valentine’s!

the mid-week quickly went by with house chores on my plate, i planned to finish everything before friday comes, since we agreed to take jared out by then for his long-overdue baby’s day out. you’ll probably also notice that i have only too few posts over the week, pardon me. it was just me catching up on my zzzzzz + catching up on my reading. a good blogger friend of mine, vance, gave me a copy of dan brown’s the lost symbol + i’ve currently lost myself following the exploits of my favorite symbologist, robert langdon, in washington d.c. to uncover the centuries-old masonic secret. i have 200-more pages to go so i’ll probably finish that later today. you see reading is my passion, aside from blogging which has quickly been turning into one, too. and nothing excites me more than the smell of books, old  + new, + the infinite possibility a good book presented! i am a child again lost in my first fairytale book.

jared contemplates on climbing this slide

the much-awaited baby’s day out took place, finally, on friday. i bought an activefun unlimited voucher for half its original price from ensogo a few weeks (or is it months, can’t actually recall!haha!) back and glad we are finally using it. i was so looking forward to playing there with my son. the play day turned out beautifully well, jared enjoyed it tremendously. we played for two hours and had loads of fun.

on sunday, i was suppose to attend mommy blogger joy’s first anniversary party + i was so excited about that, but much to my regret, i had to cancel last minute since no one is available to babysit my little tot for me, see i need to get up way too early to beat the 8am call time + waking jared up that early so he can come with me is just an option i really do not consider. so maybe next time…

later that day, we just went out, with jared, cel, bel (who, by the way, will be unveiling her new blog soon + am so excited about it too – finally my cajoling and convincing worked!) + my nephew sean, and trooped to  walter mart after visiting my parents’ grave. i need a replenishment of jared’s milk + distilled water. we had kfc bucket meal for dinner.and i simply can’t forget what my soon-to-be-five nephew said to my sister cel.

tita, kuha ka pa kanin, gusto ko pa! (tita, get more rice, i want some more!)

he said that matter-of-factly, as if kfc’s kitchen is our very own kitchen!  kids, don’t they just say the cutest things?!

and of course, another reason that never failed to make up my wonderful week, my blog and blogging in general, it never fails to bring a smile on my face whenever i see a new comment on my post, or found a new follower/subscriber. thanks to you all for making my day!

so how did your week go?join us in whatta wonderful week bloghop and let’s all look forward to another wonderful week ahead!

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blogging my way through sahmihood

i have only been a blogger for almost 7 months now and i would consider myself a novice in all this blogging business. there is just way too many things to learn as i go along. i’ve originally started my blog to chronicle my son’s very first birthday and eventually post a tip or a pointer or two to be of help to other mummies out there struggling to throw a simple yet memorable first birthday bash for their kiddos!
and then my blogging seem to have taken a life of its own, it wasn’t merely an online journal of my motherhood journey, but has pushed me to different directions and opened up a whole new horizon for me. i now see it as:

  • an opportunity to connect with other stay-at-home mums out there, may it be online (through pmb) or in person through mommy bloggers’ events i attended
  • an outlet for my frustrations when all this mum-staying-at-home business is not working out exactly the way i want it
  • a source of a much needed adult conversation, when my constant companion, my baby, has yet to go beyond the monosyllabic exchange
  • as an opportunity to earn so i can continue staying at home to prioritize my son
  • as an avenue to meet potential lifelong friends
  • a chronicle of my own, personal continuing education about life in general
  • as another form of self-expression in this digital world

writing is a form of personal freedom. it frees us from the mass identity we see in the making around us. in the end, writers will write not be outlaw heroes of some underculture but mainly to save themselves, to survive as individuals.

 don delillo

i have decided to make blogging my other profession and, in turn, jotted the following goals for me to achieve this year:
  • have my own domain (i have a new .info domain, much thanks to the domain angel!)
  • have my own web-hosting (check, courtesy of 888host!) (so, someone will be busy in a few weeks time transferring to my own web-hosting under my own domain name, yay!)
  • have my first 100 followers (which i’ve accomplished a few weeks back, so that is another reason to celebrate!), and counting down the next 100!
  • monetize my blog (i’ve currently signed up with paid-to-post site, hopefully my blog will be approved and start earning soon)
  • and drive traffic to my blogs via blog memes and blog hops, and ultimately, making quality, entertaining, and hopefully slightly intelligent posts my readers will like and relate to☺)

i realized staying at home to focus on my childminding duties need not be boring, i do it the coolest way i can – i blog!

so, what are your blogging plans for this year? answer that and you might just win yourself any of the following prizes, through extrabloganza contest:

  • 1st prize: Php10,000 + domain + ad spot for 3 months
  • 2nd prize:Php  6,000 + ad sport for 2 months
  • 3rd prize:Php   4,000 + ad sport for a month ExtraBLOGanza Contest

much thanks to the following sponsors for making this giveaway possible:

contest ends on february 28 and winners will be announced on march 31st, 2011. 

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      pointers to being a patient mum

      i must admit being a stay-at-home mum is nowhere near living in a bed of roses. i’ve had my fair share of frustration and the proverbial “bad days” and yes, much like most mums around i fall into the trappings of losing my patience. i’ve probably been grumpy + cranky to my son on several occasions, of which i really felt most guilty of. even if he would most of the time counteract one of my fits with his endearing giggles or dismiss my scolding and resume playing with his bib to his mouth, oblivious of his mum having a nervous  breakdown any moment soon, it would really leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth and a sinking feeling inside, thinking “what a terrible mum i was!”

      photo source

      i must also confess to having the patience of a mum who’ve just been a mum for 17 months and 18 days (yep, i’ve been counting!) read: patience that is no match to a 17 month’s old’s patience and will easily snap with little agitation like squirming toddler during diaper changing or a baby that won’t budge from the bath tub – that is after too much prodding – after bathtime.

      i noticed i was particularly impatient when i lack sleep and when i am understress…
      glad i came across these 5 pointers to be a patient mum from kat of inspired to action:

      • sleep 7-8 hours (yep lack of sleep can really be such a bummer)
      • drink 6-8 glasses of water (being hydrated all the time will keep the grumpiness factor to a minimum)
      • be a wall of jello “Be like Jello, absorb their emotions and frustrations, filtering them through prayer. If we can’t respond in LOVE, tell them we need to calm down and postpone response”
      • be all there, don’t multitask! (lots of pressure goes into trying to do everything all at the same time)
      • start 15 minutes early (recently i’ve been doing exactly this, in fact, i’m starting very much early by going online in the wee hours of the morning, that way, i can have loads of work done online before jared wakes up)

      kat, actually challenges us to put these 5 pointers into practice + see how we can turn into a patient mum in 24hours, i think i’ll take on the challenge. how about you? for more challenges to inspire you to action and or other inspiring and enlightening tips on motherhood, do drop by inspired to action. you can also download this great e-book to inspire you maximize your mornings:

      Inspired To Action Button

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