5 sweet surprises for mum on mother’s day

Mother’s Day is almost right around the corner, have you ever thought of what sweet things to surprise your mum for this special day? we all should make the effort, after all, this is the only day {besides mum’s birthday, that is!} that we get to honor the most hard working women in our lives who are always there to love us, care for us, catch us whenever we fall + simply be there whenever we need them.

According to Wikipedia, Mother’s day was first celebrated in the United States in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her loving mother. it was then celebrated around the world twenty years after until it evolved to what we now celebrate every second Sunday of May in most countries. In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated during the fourth Sunday in Lent, which fell on 30 March this year.

So here are a few sweet stuff you might want to surprise mum on this special day:

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happy mother’s day

greetings, mother's day

happy mother’s day mum! i know you would’ve had an even better day if i am well + feeling better…

i have been nursing a fever for a few days now, since we got from swimming lessons last friday. i should have listened to mum when she told me to get out of the pool after almost 2 hours of wading and flailing my arms in the poolside 🙁 i just can’t help it, i am really having a wonderful time + am enjoying myself a lot! oh well, hopefully i will get better soon so i won’t have to miss any more swimming lessons + so that mum will no longer worry + wake up every few hours at night just to check on me.

i know i will get better soon + you can stop worrying. i wish we can go out + celebrate, but am sure you will find ways to make this day a great one! happy mother’s day! 😉

image is not mine

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