last harry potter movie

my tito ken + i have been watching this a lot lately. this is the trailer for the new harry potter film (the last of ’em according to my mum). i actually find voldemort so mean + scary + i actually cried a few times in some scenes where he was shown, especially that scene in part 1 of this film where he was having a meeting with his death eaters + he screamed! i was startled that led to my crying. i startle easily you see!

i really don’t know why the grown-ups like this a lot, it is way too dark for my taste. i’d really love to see some colors + singing + dancing, maybe i should stick to my disney cartoons for now, what say you? 😉

i am sure mum won’t pass up on the chance to have me photographed beside a larger than life harry potter poster or whatever you call those displays in cinemas, so i guess, for the potter fanatic out there, it will be something to watch out for.

have a great one folks! 😉



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jared’s fave: tangled movie


this movie is my current favorite. i’ve watched it for about 10 times i think, since mum downloaded it thursday last 😉 this is a rehash of the old fairy tale rapunzel, which i have not seen yet. maybe i’ll ask mum to downloaded that too, so we can watch it + compare!
i love the song numbers in the film + i particularly enjoyed watching maximus, the horse, + pascal, the chameleon friend of rapunzel. here is my fave photo of him:

he never fails to make me laugh whenever he is shown on the screen. maybe i could ask mum if we can go see a chameleon in person…

how about you, what is your fave so far?

Note: image not mine

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jared’s first cinema experience

we did something new for jared’s 16-month birthday celebration last december 30. we trooped to sm mall of asia to watch a movie!
this is another feather in jared‘s little cap as, aside from setting foot in moa for the first time (cause that one instance when he is still in my tummy is surely not counted, right?), he will be watching in the widescreen for the first time! 
knowing full well that my son will of course have the attention span of a 16-month old, i am expecting that he will only enjoy the movie without fussing for a good 30 minutes (or just as long as a pocoyo episode lasts!) and true enough, after being glued to the widescreen (and focusing on the film like he’s a grown up!) for a solid 30 minutes, it is time to fidget and fuss on mummy’s lap, and worse cry and turn it into a full-blown tantrum. 
so i had to get up and roam the cinema (like it’s a park or something) with jared in tow, in the middle of the film’s good parts, which i just had to visualize and watch audibly (however that is possible is a task only toddler mummies can master!). i brought him to the loo just for a change of scenery and he giggled having spotted himself in the mirror!
thank heavens for little mercy, i was able to watch the final parts of the film when my son conceded to being carried by his tito in the condition that i will be on standby for when he wants me to carry him back. we were able to see the ending of the 3d film standing just before the balcony part of the cinema, where my son deemed it entertaining for us adults to saunter back and forth with him in our arms. 
all in all, it was a worthwhile and interesting experience and i look forward to watching more films with my baby in the future.
tips for mummies bringing their babies for the first time in cinemas:
  • choose a film that would best catch your son’s attention
  • bring him to a surround-sound cinema just to be sure the sounds will still be pleasant to his little, sensitive ears especially in those parts where the sounds tend to be too loud
  • be prepared to not see the film in its entirety
  • make sure to tag along a favorite tita (aunt) or tito (uncle) to assist you
  • choose a seat near to the exit are for 
have you began training your future movie buff?
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rpg metanoia

we recently braved the pre-holiday traffic madness and went to sm mall of asia to watch rpg metanoia in 3d.
rpg metanoia is the very first filipino 3d animated feature film, and every pinoy must be proud of it. it is a joint venture of thaumatrope,ambientmedia and abs-cbn and was an official entry to the recently concluded metro manila film festival. the 3d animation in this local film has the quality at par with its foreign contemporaries and showcases the world-class talents of our local 3d animators.
the tale follows the story of an 11-year old, seemingly ordinary boy, nico (voiced by zaijan jaranilla) who becomes a superhero whenever he plays the mmorpg (Massively Multi-players Online Role Playing Game)metanoia, armed with his magic yoyo and amazing speed and agility. join him as he saves his most favorite game, including its players from servers the world over, from the villain who infected the game with a virus!

the johnson’s pure essential loot bag
my free movie pass!
other celebrities included in this project are aga muhlach (voice behind nico’s dad), eugene domingo (the voice behind nico’s mum) and a host of other child actors who played nico’s friends.
all in all, it was a film gamers (which are practically every kid nowadays!)and non-gamers (like moi!) alike will enjoy and appreciate. and did i mention i get to see it for free? i won 4 movie passes (including snacks and a lootbag, which i am reserving for my blogger friend, vance, who tipped me about this giveaway!) for a special screening from johnson’s pure essentials and abs-cbn!
it is still shown at cinemas so do catch it, if you haven’t seen it yet that is!
enjoy watching and support the filipino movies!
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can’t get enough of harry potter

as the clock winds down to the last couple of days before the showing of the first installment of the last Harry Potter book, every potter-fanatic in this muggle world is beside himself with excitement. or if your were like me, cramming and fretting if i will ever get to finish the book, all 759 pages of it (i’ve read the first one hundred the last time i attempted to read and finish it!) before i see the film. or you are probably rummaging through the trailers and videos and photos (london premiere included) online (much like my lil bro, ken, is doing. whatever pre-deathly hallows activities suits you, goodluck with it. a few more days and we will all be trooping the the cinemas in the metro to witness the end of our beloved saga and we anticipate with mixed emotions. how do we say farewell to someone who has been part of lives much like a close friend or a cousin?and can we ever stop wondering if there ever will be another book coming up?i wonder…
for now, jared will have to bare with the potter loonies in this abode and amuse himself watching the official trailer over, and over, and over again or feast on these lovely images for the hundredth time…

the main casts with author jk rowling at the world premiere in london
daniel radcliffe, emma watson and rupert grint

see you at the cinemas everyone…


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