Jared Shares: ‘The Voice Kids’ Gaea Salipot To Hold First Virtual Concert

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The much-awaited concert of The Voice Kids Season 4 finalist and World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) Champion Gaea Mischa Salipot will happen online this June 27.

Titled “I Believe: A Virtual Concert for a Cause,” the virtual concert aims to raise funds for the benefit of St. Rita Orphanage in Parañaque, a small sanctuary for children who have been left abandoned by their parents.

“I’m thankful that God has now given me the opportunity to share my talent and be an instrument to help others,” said Gaea. “This pandemic has taught us kids to be more caring to our family and to others in our community. I believe that all of us can do something for each other in our own little ways. I want to be of help to fellow children especially those who need extra care and support. And I hope that more people can join in to help.”

Produced by Ditse Productions, Inc and Rose Sheane TV Finland in collaboration with CyberPinoy Radio Canada, “I Believe” will be held online via Gaea’s official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel on June 27 (Sunday) at 7PM PH Time.

Under the musical direction of ECHO MUSIC, Gaea’s special guests include YouTube celebrity and singer-songwriter Mikey Bustos and the OLPGV Choir.

Gaea Mischa is a mutli-award winning performer who is best known for being The Voice Kids Philippines Season 4 finalist from Team Sarah of Sarah Geronimo and Team Lea of Lea Salonga. Gaea has also been named the WCOPA 2018 Champion and SM Little Stars 2017 Girl Grand Winner.

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The Benefits Of Music On Child Development

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Music has always been incorporated in children education and for all the good reasons. Parents and child expert have deemed music to play an essential role in children’s development. Exposing a child to music early on in life as much as possible is also recommended as music is proven to soothe babies with colic or sleep issues, as well as aid in child early learning and development.

Here are a few reasons why you should expose your children to music:

  1. It helps the baby relax and get better sleep
  2. Nursery rhymes and action songs aid in a child’s coordination and motor skills
  3. It facilitates words and vocabulary learning
  4. It improves a child’s social skills
  5. Tests show that having a child learn to play an instrument will also result to improve performance in Math
  6. Learning to play a music instrument or leaning to sing using a sennheiser md421 will contribute to a child’s feeling of accomplishment and self-worth
  7. It also allows for special bonding time with parents and other family members
  8. Learning new action songs is always a fun idea!
  9. It is an awesome hobby
  10. Learning to play an instrument will also open doors of opportunities for a child later in life

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If you do not have thought of any fun ideas for your little one to enjoy this summer, you might as well consider enrolling them to a music class or getting them a musical instrument they can learn to play at home. I am sure they will find it a very interesting thing to do to pass the time.

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Street Pianos Bring Music to the People

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image by sixninepixels from freedigitalphotos.net

Music has the power to move people to tears, restore hope to the downtrodden and change the hearts, minds and opinions of the general population and those in positions of political authority. The street piano movement that has swept the nation over the course of the last several years brings citizens in large and small cities the opportunity to hear the music of others and create their own. From New York to Las Angeles and virtually everywhere in between, street piano programs are bringing communities together.

New York City proudly takes part in several widely recognized street piano movements that have placed large numbers of pianos in parks and other public recreational spaces across the country. While there are plenty of places to play in the city, there are also many street pianos in NY State for those who want to connect with strangers and neighbors in Albany and several locations throughout Western New York.

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image from Serge Bertasius from freedigitalphotos.net

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toy guitar from t-mart as christmas gifts

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kids loves music + i bet you will all agree! i love listening to different types of music + one of my faves are the nursery rhymes. music also plays a very important role in learning, especially for small children. it makes us more eager to learn about the things around us, as well as allows us to be more fascinated with language + speech. music also helps train children sharpen their memory + facilitate critical thinking. that is why it is most ideal that we are given toy musical instruments as gifts, especially now that christmas is again upon us.

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mum recently picked up this parcel from the local post office containing one of those Tmart Guitar Packages.  i was so excited to open it + got this cool toy guitar after i did. the blue wooden guitar looks so much like a replica of the real thing, with real strings, too! it even include a guitar pick + a spare string. i love its color + how it fits the hands of little boys like me! i do not know how to play it so mum is teaching me how to strum + pluck the strings even though she does not actually know how to play either. am sure that if i constantly practice, i will eventually get the hang of it + finally learn how to play the guitar 🙂

toys, music, children products

apart from the awesome guitar toy, our package also included this cool Tmart Rubik’s Cube, which i also like. mum said you have to re-arrange the cube so that all similar colors are on the same side. she said it is quite tricky to do + not most people can arrange this cube. now, i’d like to give it a shot. i may not have succeeded in my first few attempt but i will let you know as soon as i did! i like this little colorful cube, too, + would want to bring it to our bedroom, but mum said strictly no toys in bed.

am sure your little ones will be equally thrilled to receive these toys for christmas. + did i tell you the cool guitar also comes in pink, for the little girls? simply check out Tmart.com for other great christmas gift ideas for your loved ones! they offer free shipping worldwide + what’s even better is that they also offer a $9 off on any purchases of $50, simply use the coupon code D9 upon check out!

disclaimer: we are not compensated for this post + was provided free items for review purposes. opinions + views stated here are 100% my mum’s

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my new toy drum

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my new toy came in the mail a few days back. it was sent to mum for review + i simply loved it! i am really into music + hopefully when i get bigger, playing some instruments, including my tito‘s keyboard + an actual drum set, too.

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the big brown box came with the very cool drum, along with these lot: a pair of drumsticks, a pair of little maracas, a castanet + a tambourine stick. + i tell you i wasn’t the only one who enjoyed playing with it the first day it arrived, mum was tapping on the drum head like a kid, too! 😀

i guess we will be jamming more + making wonderful music on our spare time. i hope you can jam along with us 🙂

check out mum’s full review of this toy here.

my share for toy stories this week….


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