my new orange tee

orange tee, baby, kids

I did mention in one of my posts that mum bought me a new shirt a couple of weeks back. This is the very nice tee we got for 20% less at the Cinderella store during the SM mallwide sale weekend. It comes in a cool + cute orange shade + what’s even cooler is the “dad’s little champion” design in front. Mum bought the largest size available + am glad it fits 😀

I have yet to wear my new shirt though, mum thought I’d wear this when we go out to meet her friends but sadly I was not able to come with her because of the rain!I have been staying in the house for quite a long while now, to the brink of developing cabin fever, no thanks to the inclement weather that has been bugging us lately. But the sun was up yesterday + maybe we can go out soon enough so I can wear it 😉

This is my orange share what’s yours?

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joining jollibee kids club

jollibee kids cluba couple of weeks back, my pre-schooling cousins went home with these papers in hand. mum said they were applications for the jollibee kids club + decided to enter me, too.

here’s what you need to join the club:

  • be 12 years old + below
  • to fill up the membership application form (just like the one photographed above) or let your mum fill it out for you, just like i did! 😉
  • bring your filled-out form to any jollibee branch near you + pay the P50 membership fee

+ that’s it! you will be issued a jollibee kids club id which will be valid for one whole year. i was lucky since they have an ongoing promo, so my card is valid for 3 years!

here’s a photo of my orange jollibee kids membership kit:

jollibee kids club, card

it comes with play cards of the cute jollibee mascots +kids club card which also serves as a discount card.

are you a jollibee kids club member?

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orange winnie the pooh ball

tigger, pooh, ball

one of the best toys ever invented (at least in my opinion) is the ball! ball is simply the great! you can play with it on your own, or shoot into makeshift baskets you will find around, or, you can call on all your playmates + you can play catch!

as for me, the best way to enjoy  a ball is to just toss it + see where it landed! i mostly enjoyed playing with it on my own, running around the house while grabbing my winnie the pooh ball in one hand.  i also play catch with my cousins whenever they are at home. apart from this orange ball, i also have a few other types of balls which i love to play with, too 😉

got any orange thing to share, please do so + join us here:

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orange tigger beddings

yup, finally mum got around to making an orange post in time for orange tuesdays! i actually have quite a number of orange stuffs to my name + this will be one great way to showcase them 😀

so, on with today’s color sharing…


this was a photo of me june of last year (notice i was a tad smaller in it? :)) i was in my crib/playpen which was covered by my orange/white tigger beddings, most of which is hidden under my tummy. apart from the sheet covers, it has a matching comforter, a tiny pillow + 2 little bolsters. this was gifted by my ninang chris + tita cherry (mums’ friends) when i was baptized 😉

soon enough, i will no longer fit into this + when I move from my crib/playpen, I’ll have to look for another bed. mums said if you’re looking for a new bed you might as well buy online at, where there is a large range to check out.

got any orange stuff to share, join us here:


When I move from my crib/playpen, I’ll have to look for another bed.  If you’re looking for a new bed then why not <a href=“”>

buy online</a> at, where there is a large range to check out.
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