mommy + me monday 06: one fine saturday

weekend, tagaytay

we recently went to tagaytay with my titas + here are two of the photos we took that day. this first one is when we posed by the pine trees, just before we hiked up to the elevated part of crosswinds, which was said to be a helipad (or a place where a helicopter lands or takes off!), cool right? i totally enjoyed walking along the green patch + amidst the grass-peppered surrounding. my titas + my mum took turns walking with me. it was a hot + sunny day, + was perspiring like mad, my mum had to put powder on my back quite a few times.


we were given mats of red + blue to spread in the grass so we ca sit on them. a program was held + there are loads of contests + food. of course, i was too little to join the contests + is just mildly interested with grown-up food, well, except for the bottled water + the tasty pineapple juice, that is 😉 i played in the afternoon until i got tired + come nightfall, we sent gleaming lanterns into the sky (remember that scene from my fave movie, tangled? it was so much like it!)

before we go home we even visited this pretty christmas house with loads of toys inside + beautiful snow outside. i also love the lights + played with it some. a man even gave me a box of candies + treat, which i gave to my cousins as my pasalubong.

that’s all for now, am sure mum will post about all of that afternoon’s adventures soon. sharing this through:Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?




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