my other shape-sorter toy

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this is a hand-me-down toy from my tita belle, which was first handed down to my cousins, sean + shane, + probably, even, my tito ken, when he is just a toddler 🙂 tita belle told me to take care of it as she will be handing it down to her future children, too!

this toy is actually 20 years old or more, as this used to be my tita’s toy when she was just a little girl. it was gifted to her by one of her ninangs one christmas.

this toy is a shape-sorter, that mum + her siblings fondly called “shape-o”. it has shapes like a circle, square, rectangle, oval, star, cross, among other shapes. i do not recognize most of them yet, since i only enjoy scattering them on the floor or forcing a shape into an entirely different slot {i am successful as some point!:) }, but am sure mum will teach me how to play it well soon when i am ready!

this is my toy stories share for the week, care to share yours?

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kids in doodles: jared + the lightsaber

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that's me mounting our closet

another great play spot i’ve discovered recently is our little closet. unlike one of those big closets, ours is actually a children closet + stands several inches taller that i do + i was surprised to discover that i can actually stand inside it while playing.

play, kids, toys, kids in doodles
removing the lightsaber from its perch

apart from playing inside the closet, i was delighted to find out that i can actually remove the bar which mum used to hang our clothes on, + used it as a toy, like a lightsaber, probably. i would brandish the lightsaber around + have so much fun doing it 😀

play, kids, kids in doodles, toys
Obi-wan kenobi?

am sure you’ve got loads of kids in doodles stories + photos, share it with us here:

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my new toy: horsie the seahorse

toys, kids, playmum got me a new toy last week when we went out to the mall over the weekend. i’d like you to meet horsie, my new plushie seahorse. i fell in love with her {or was it a he?} color – blue! my tita showed me it to me from one of the racks at the baby section of the department store + i never put it down since then, that mum has to buy it! 🙂

i am having loads of fun playing with horsie + the rest of my toys.  just this morning i was showing them the view from the upstairs balcony. i guess they enjoyed it there as much as i do!

i look forward to more enjoyable playtime with them.

this is my toy story, what is yours?

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my new favorite little corner

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this is my new little corner…our 2nd floor balcony, which is just outside our bedroom.

every morning when i wake up, i’d ask mum to open the door upstairs that leads to the balcony. i love to play there + feel the soft breeze of the morning {or late morning – as i usually wake up quite late ;)}, aside from that, i also love to see the view from here, the cars passing by {which i’d be very quick to note, by the way!}, the birds perched in the roof nearby, or the children walking to + from school which is not too far from our place + just see the wide open sky before me.

or sometimes, i’d just walk from one end of the balcony to the other end or peer through the grills + see what’s down there. maybe one day we can put up a tent + camp out here 🙂

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my cousins

kids, play, Jared
my ate shane

kuya sean + ate shane are my favorite cousins in the world {i’ve only got 2, by the way ;)} .i enjoy playing with them, laughing with them + watching my favorite cartoons with them. kuya sean also lets me borrow all his toys + i share mine with them, too. we spent so many hours just playing or biking around the neighborhood with kuya sean pushing while ate shane drives the bike. me, am just the rider at the back + mum looks after us to make sure we are safe + not wandering out in the streets.

kids, play, Jared, family
my kuya sean

since we moved to our new home, i haven’t seen my cousins + it has been 3 weeks already. we visited our house a week ago, but they are out somewhere. i only get to see their pet hamsters + i enjoyed watching them while they much on their grasses. too bad, mum did not have the camera that time, i hope we can take photos of the hamsters so i can share them here.

oh, well, i just wish i’d see my cousins soon as i am missing them already….

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