Out + About: Instant Weekend Playdate

We do not go out on playdates that often because most of my mum’s friends with kids live far. I seldom see them and mostly on special occasions, like birthdays and the likes. That is why I am really very excited when my classmate, Anthony, and I had an instant playdate today!

It was his baby brother’s christening and while everyone was busy feasting on the yummy food his family prepared for the guests, we were busy playing with his Nerf guns on the street. Mum had to accompany us because I, for one, is not really used to playing outside.

It was awesome to play and spend time outdoors! We surely enjoyed playing together on the streets, good thing there weren’t too many cars out that day.

We are excited to play together again soon and I will ask mum when we can visit my classmate’s place for another playdate! They live quite near our place so I am guessing it will be soon.

What’s your favorite game to do for playdates and when was the last time you did?

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e is for energetic little boy


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little men playing


i know mum often tells you that i am one energetic little guy with loads of boundless energy that needs to be spent regularly. but one time, mum’s yoga teacher + her family invited us to one of their gatherings called kirtan + i met another energetic little boy. his name is vishnu + i guess he is just a little over one year old.

you’d think he’s one fragile baby but wait till you get to play with him + you will see that he’s also a bag of limitless energy. his favorite game is playing horse + he assigned me to be his horse for the day 😀 he also likes wrestling + a lot of those rough boy games! it was not very often that i get to have a playmate so i indulged him. the grown ups are saying he’d make one great ufc player when he gets older!

we had a blast playing while the grown ups went through their activities of the day + when it is time for dinner, we moved in explore his house + read his books! we had a great time reading together, too. he lent me his monster book for me to read while he read another one. 


playtime, playmates, toddler, out + about
little energetic guy, vishnu


i really enjoyed playing with vishnu + i am hoping that i will get to play with him again soon.

sharing this with ABC Wednesdays.

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kids in doodles: saturday playdates


kids in doodles, kids, playmate, toddlers,

the weekends of december have been my absolute favorite! why? because we’ve been going out to meet mum’s friends + their children + it was an instant playdate for me 😀 we’ve met with mum’s friends twice + i met my old buddy, patrick, + met new playmates, my ate’s, princess, eunice, kaye + aydel. it was so much fun running + playing with them. we’ve even met a goat, which is tied at the back of ate aydel + kaye’s house. cool, right? too bad we were not able to take photos. mum was too busy keeping up with me she hardly have enough time to take some shots! the photos here are actually taken from tita jhe’s facebook page, thanks tita! 😀

kids in doodles, kids, play, playmates, toddlers
my ate's: eunice, princess, aydel

it was such great fun to be around kids. i don’t get to play with kids that often + normally it was only me + mum + tita who get to play at home, that is why i really enjoy it when we go out to meet with the kids of my mum’s friends. i always end up having the time of my life, not to mention all sweaty + tired at the end of the day + usually knocked out on our journey back home 🙂 but that is okay! hopefully i can get to play with this kiddos again very soon 🙂

what’s you k.i.d share for this week? join us + one lucky participant will win something from us at the end of the month {sorry about the giveaway post, it should be posted this week :)}


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kids in doodles: playmates + a tea party


Kids in doodles, kids, toddler, play, weekend

it is not everyday that i’d have playmates as most the time it’s just me + mum left at home + we hardly go out to hunt for playmates, especially in this gloomy, rainy season. but when i went to my very first tea party last weekend, i was able to play with a few kids + it was really such fun! 😀

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, play, weekend
ate ice having a bite of her bread

kids in doodles, kids, toddler, play, weekend

i was particulary in my fun + active self that mum really had a hard time running + following after me. i showed particular interest at the fountain that i refused to move away from it for quite a while. she was not able to enjoy the food + the cup cakes much, but am sure she enjoyed spending the afternoon with me 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, play, weekend

i can’t even sit still while were having our photos taken at the photo booth, i guess the grassy + cool garden setting is getting me all excited to explore about 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, play, weekend

oh well, at least she managed to snatch some photos while i take a break from running + playing around. 😀

what are your kids in doodles stories for the week, share it with us here^_^

as always, thank you tita mirage for the beautiful linky^-^




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