e is for energetic little boy


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little men playing


i know mum often tells you that i am one energetic little guy with loads of boundless energy that needs to be spent regularly. but one time, mum’s yoga teacher + her family invited us to one of their gatherings called kirtanย + i met another energetic little boy. his name is vishnu + i guess he is just a little over one year old.

you’d think he’s one fragile baby but wait till you get to play with him + you will see that he’s also a bag of limitless energy. his favorite game is playing horse + he assigned me to be his horse for the day ๐Ÿ˜€ he also likes wrestling + a lot of those rough boy games! it was not very often that i get to have a playmate so i indulged him. the grown ups are saying he’d make one great ufc player when he gets older!

we had a blast playing while the grown ups went through their activities of the day + when it is time for dinner, we moved in explore his house + read his books! we had a great time reading together, too. he lent me his monster book for me to read while he read another one.ย 


playtime, playmates, toddler, out + about
little energetic guy, vishnu


i really enjoyed playing with vishnu + i am hoping that i will get to play with him again soon.

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another playdate with my cousins

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last sunday, my cousins + i went out for a playdate. we were supposed to go to activefun in sm north, where mum bought them unlimited playtime vouchers as christmas presents but plans were changed suddenly + we ended up going to the mall instead. so off we went to the nearest mall to our location, sm marilao.

even when we did not get to play non-stop in activefun, we still had a wonderful time together at the mall. our first stop ~ the arcade! we play this cool game where you have to hit animals, insects + other objects with little balls. of course, i cannot hit much since my little arms can only reach up to a certain point in the monitor, it was kuya sean + ateย shane, who played mostly. but we all enjoyed this game, in fact, we went to play it one more time after our first round of tokens where used up + mum + tita cecille had to buy more! ๐Ÿ˜€

playtime, playdate, family, cousins, weekend, out + about, weekend

we also tried playing other games in the arcade, including my favorite, basketball, + a whole bunch of other slot machines where you’d get a gazillion of those tiny tickets when you hit the jackpot. you can exchange them with fun items from the counter once you reached a certain number of points.

playtime, playdate, family, cousins, weekend, out + about, weekend

after we used up all our tokens we transfer to this other arcade where they have different rides + games, too! ate shane got this cute angry birds plushy in one of the games.ย we all rode all the rides available there + when we got tired, we asked mum if we can ride those little motorcycles-for-rent. we had such a great time + we all enjoyed playing all the cool games + riding all the great rides! ๐Ÿ˜€

we capped the day by having a hearty meal in one of our favorite fast food.ย we sure had a wonderful time playing together + i really wish we can do this more often! ๐Ÿ˜€

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d is for driver

i went out on a playdate with my cousins again last sunday. we had a wonderful time playing together + what we actually enjoyed the most is riding those fun arcade rides and those motorcycles, too! we were drivers for a day + what more can little kids like us ask for? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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captain sean on his ship ๐Ÿ˜‰

we took turns riding the boat, an airplane + a cool red car {which reminds me so much of my fave, lightning mcqueen!}, so we were captains, + drivers, + pilots for a day. you bet i had a wonderful time, i rode most of them over + over, until we ran out of tokens! ๐Ÿ˜€ even ate shane enjoyed the rides!

out + about, weekend, family, playtime
little equestrian ate shane, horsing around

after we tried all the rides available, we went and checked out those cool pocket motorcycles-for-rent, which was just in front of the arcades. although, someone had to assist me while riding since i cannot control the motorcycle on my own yet, it was really quite a fun experience. we’ve even put these cool helmets on before mounting our rides. made us feel like real drivers, won’t you agree? ๐Ÿ˜‰

i will tell you more about our fun playdate in another post.

enjoy the rest of your weekend! ^_^

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kids in doodles: my lightning mcqueen bike

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apologies that we’re posting kids in doodles rather late this week. i’ve been busy watching all these wonderful cartoons mum has downloaded for me she does not have time to upload any of her blogs in the morning. oh well, now that mum’s updating this blog, it only means that i am off to zzzz land faraway! ๐Ÿ˜‰

oh well, before everything else, here’s a round up of last week’s doodles:

1.ย vince cris paul turns 4!

2. check out the burritos’ precious moment’s nativity scene project

3. here are a few more christmas photos from maithankfulheart

thank you for joining guys + hope to see you again here soon!

kids in doodles, my favorite things, lightning mcqueen, playtime

that out the way, on to our doodle story for this week. i got this lightning mcqueen bike for my third birthday. it was given by my tita jinky, tita cecille + tito ken. i was so excited to ride it the first time i saw it! ^_^

we’ve never really gone too far with my bike, we only get to ride it in the confines of our garage since mum won’t allow me to go out on the streets with it. she said i need to learn how to pedal first before we take to the streets! i tell you, it is rather difficult to learn how to pedal, my little legs can only do so much. so how do i ride the bike, anyway, you’d ask? mum would hold both my feet + pedal for me. or most times, she’d just push me around the garage so that i can pretend am actually biking!

kids in doodles, my favorite things, lightning mcqueen, playtime

hopefully i’d be able to learn how to ride my bike properly, i swear i’d practice every single day if i had to! am excited to bring it to the park or to the memorial during weekends. hmm, which reminds me, i need to tell mum to bring the bike to the nearest gas station or bike shop, so we can have the flat tires fixed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

your turn with your doodles, matey! don’t forget to add one of these badges on your post + visit our other playmates to make our game more fun! also, i hope you’d click on the share buttons above as mum will surely do the same with your post once we visit them one by one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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friday playdate with rylan

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last friday ย we went to activefun ย forย yet another play date with my pareng rylan {check out our previous playdate here}. ย to say that we had a blast is actually an understatement! we totally enjoyed the experience + since we do not get to do this quite often, we made the most of the time by playing, playing + playing some more! ๐Ÿ˜€

kids, out + about, playdate, playtime, colorful things

we went to the big slide over + over, we swam with loads of colorful swimballs and played to our little hearts’ content. our mums also thought we were big enough to play on our own so they ย pretty much left us to ourselves while they chat away the afternoon in one corner of the play area while they keep an eye on us.

kids, out + about, playtime, playdate, colorful things

we are roaming all over the play ground and explored one part of it after another. we climbed colorful stairs after another + threw balls all around, too! when we were all tired + sweaty {in my case, at least}, we find this quite corner of the play area to sit + play with interactive toys.

kids, out + about, playtime, playdate, colorful things

we capped the day by strolling around the mall + taking photographs with the beautiful christmas decorations. it was truly one enjoyable day + hopefully we can do it again next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

this is my entry to this week’s


image courtesy of tita moi, except for the third one ๐Ÿ™‚

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