pocoyo + the olympics

we were up until almost midnight last saturday watching the re-run of the olympics opening ceremony. i do not know much about it, but the grown-ups seemed so keen on watching it. my tita isabel + titoΒ ken were at home for a visit that day so i was more than happy to be playing with them while we watched on the telly.

the opening ceremony included a parade of all the countries that are participating for this sporting event, + i just enjoyed the colorful costumes + uniforms, along with the colorful flags that one person from each group is holding. the olympics is hosted by the uk + the ceremony was held in a huge stadium in london. i love the lights + the fireworks afterwards.

anyway, i guess we are in an olympic frenzy still that is why my eyes, + mums, too!, where glued on this entertaining video of pocoyo about the olympics, when we discovered it on sunday. Β it was fun watching one of my favorite characters, along with his bestfriends pato + ellie, carrying the olympic torch + checking out the different games that the athletes will participate in. we really loved it + thought we’d share it with the rest of you lot!

enjoy πŸ˜‰

video is not mine

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happy father’s day!

occasions, Father's Day, pocoyo
it was a rainy {not to mention quakey! but i was not able to feel it as i was fast asleep when the earthquake came} father’s day + we’d like to send our greeting to all the father’s out there, especially to my dad + my Papa. if the weather clears up, i bet we shall be heading to the memorial to visit my grandparents but if not am afraid we’ll be cooped up at home all day thinking of things to pass the time + entertain ourselves other than being glued to the tellie all day which mum do not really like me doing!

oh well am sure we’ll came up with something later on. meanwhile, i’ll leave you with this cute greetings from pocoyo + the gang as i dose off back to zzzzland…

have a pleasant father’s day everyone! πŸ˜€

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play a game, plant a tree with pocoyo

earth hour, my favorite things, green ideas, pocoyo

if you have time, here is a fun way to help save our environment. all you have to do is play this recycling game with pocoyo + he will plant trees for you. the game is easy enough, all you have to do is put the items to be recycled to their appropriate box. of course, i play this game with mum as i do not know how to use the mouse just yet πŸ˜‰

green ideas, pocoyo, earth hour, my favorite things

you finish the game by putting all the garbage into their corresponding bins! + pocoyo pops out whenever you place something in the right bin! πŸ˜€ i was imitating pocoyo awhile back + is bobbing up + every time mum places something in the right bin. it was most fun…

pocoyo, my favorite things, green ideas, earth hour

pocoyo is encourging everyone to join his game so he can plant more trees. they have planted 20,000 trees which is quite a lot to count i guess! more trees will be planted if we play some more!

make this your participation in this year’s earth hour + do not forget to switch those lights at 8.30 tonight, right? cheers to mother earth! πŸ™‚


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the colorful world of pocoyo

pocoyo, early learning

mum + i (for lack of better things to do) recently visited pocoyo’s world (as we have been stuck at home for days on end recently) back + look what we’ve found, some interesting + fun colorful learning stuffs for children. this is all about the different numbers + colorful ways on how to learn them.

pocoyo, early learningin this picture, we need to choose which photo matches number 8 + mum said the correct answer is the one on the right since there are 8 snails on that picture

Pocoyo, early learninghere’s another one! this time pocoyo will ask you to trace the number that is written on the screen, in this case the number 3. this is a good + fun way for little children to learn about numbers + how to write them, too.

although, these a bit way too advanced for me, it did not stop me from enjoying this educational tutorial as pocoyo made sure it was a fun learning experience. maybe if i am a bit older, i will ask mum to solve these puzzles again that way i’d learn about numbers + counting much easily πŸ˜‰

you can check out pocoyo world for more fun + learning exercises.

sharing this colorful stuffs through:


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kids in doodles: jared + the computer

kids, play, computers

today i will tell you a bit about one of my favorite things – our computer. i don’t watch in the tellie that often, but i get to watch my favorite pocoyo episodes or favorite videos and movies through the computer (i guess it actually helps that the pc is located in my room, so i get to use it very often).

mum is also using the computer a lot, especially when she’s checking her facebook account or updating our blogs (of course this blog included, i ask her to update it for me, since i am still quite a tad smaller to update it on my own) or joining online games and giveaway and whatever else she has to do online.

computer, kids, play

sometimes i can get so naughty and bug her while she’s working, most often i’d be sitting right next to the cpu, pushing buttons here + there (yes, i have accidentally + sometimes deliberately pushed the power button a number of times, too!) or twiddling with the keyboard + pressing on the sleep button much to my mum’s amusement/exasperation/surprise!

sometimes, i get some scolding but more often that not, i get away with it! my mum would either end up turning the pc or turning it back on again + let me watch my favorite film, which happens to be cars + the incredibles at the moment πŸ˜‰

got any kids-in-doodles stories you’d like to share today? πŸ˜‰

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