of sales and freebies and a close encounter with pocoyo

in front of the grand baby company fair entrance
last sunday also happened to be the last day for the grand baby company fair at the megatrade hall in sm megamall, luckily i was able to go with my son and sis, cel.
i was planning to go by friday since i was thinking it wouldn’t be so much packed with people given that it is just the first day and a weekday at that. but i had to make some changes to the plan and glad i was able to make it last sunday.
surprised to see this stall selling pocoyo stuffs^^

it was probably one of the biggest assembly of the leading baby brands in the country, and if you were just expecting and is still in the process of completing you baby’s new born essentials then you would’ve struck gold. new born items such as clothes, feeding bottles from recognized brands like playtex, avent, and evenflo, cribs and beddings, playpens, strollers and other acessories are on sale for up to 70% discount.

as for me, i just have to buy a few staples for jared, as i’ve already shopped for some items early this month.
here’s what i got:

i bought these staple items for jared, and then some, total P1,240.00
i bought these for a steal, P100 each
  evenflo bpa free bottles set of 3 – P375 (original price: P469)
a pocoyo sando – 110 (with 10% discount)
a pocoyo shorts –    105 (with 10% discount)
a bar of nivea cream soap – 35 (original price: 40)
1 pc ainon shower sponge – 95 (original price: 136)
nivea head to to wash – 175 (original price: 196)
nivea shampoo – 115 (original price: 127)
2 100-tips cotton buds – 30 (original price: 29.75)
2 pcs insulite disney mats – 200 
(no original price indicated but i’m betting they are much more than 100!)
but wait there is just so much more: 
my free swag bag, full of freebies
my free product samples
the swag bag freebies
our photo courtesy of the cordlife photobooth

the copy i downloaded from litratojuan.com
pretty mum camille pratts giving a talk on baby skin care with the pigeon representative
swag bag full of freebies – free
product samples – free
wilkins mineral water – free
photo souvenir courtesy of cordlife – free 
(and a digital copy courtesy of litratojuan.com)
a free talk by respected pediatrician with celebrity mums like gladys reyes + camille pratts
and a bonus, simply by buying what i only need:
finally, got my mum card!woot!
and the best part of it all:
a close encounter with pocoyo – priceless!

here’s a  snap shot of some of my favorite booths, read: the products my son is actually using:

jared + tita at the johnson’s baby booth
the cradle booth
one of my personal favorites, cycles
my son’s vitamin c, ceelin
a checklist of baby skin car how-to’s by pigeon
hopefully there’ll be other pocoyo item to be available soon:)

all in all it was a tiring yet worthwhile experience and my son tremendously enjoyed seeing pocoyo, i will definitely love to repeat the experience. 

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Whatta Wonderful Week! #1

firstly, i would like to apologize for the delay in my posting for this blog hop, i should’ve posted this last monday, but childminding, amongst other things, got in the way..so without further ado, this is my entry to the very first whatta wonderful week blog meme! hosted by our very own, pinay mommy blogger, mommy trish.

last week, i finished two paid to post articles, which is now posted here and the one for bv posted here. i did metion that one of my 2011 resolution is to earn through blogging, so hopefully, slowly but surely i’ll be able to accomplish just that:)

i also went to the eye doctor last saturday; i was playing around with my son friday night when i felt something caught in my right eye, which instantly hurt my eye and made it watery. upon inspection, my bro, ken and sis, cel, found this little wood splinter or insect lodged in my eye (in between the eye balls and that pink soft part). my fears kicked into overdrive with my mind quickly reasoning “you can still do your childminding duties with one eye!). but just so i can stop fuzzing and worrying, i went to an eye doctor the next day to have it examined and, blessed be, it turned out to be a mole that i just wasn’t able to discover before now. weird, right?

on sunday, jared and i (with my sis, cel, in tow) went to the grand baby company fair and met jared’s ultimate favorite, pocoyo! apart from that we also managed to score some good buys and fantabulous freebies. (i will make a separate post about it!)


 here’s how we play this meme, straight from mommy trish’s post:

So how do you join every Monday? Simple: just share with us any positive and happy event/s that happened to you during the previous week, like a family trip you enjoyed, a new blessing or good news, a thoughtful deed from someone you know or love that really made your day, and anything that you learned that inspired or gave you hope. Feel free to share anything that really made your week wonderful! 🙂

Then grab any of the badges below to include in your post and to put in your sidebar or badge pages to help spread WWW.

joining is easy enough, ayt? unfortunately, the linky closed a couple of minutes ago, so i’ll make sure to post my entry asap next week to be included, and you must do the same:)
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mommy moments – favorite color

mommy moments

blue, blue, blue and all its varying shades has been the color of my son’s universe….practically everything he owns, from feeding bottles, shirts, shorts, bibs, blankets, toothbrush, spoon and fork and feeding bowls, towels, even his crib and stroller, is in different hues of blue

we even painted the walls in blue and green and yep, even his favorite character is colored blue.
courtesy of google

so what is the color of your child’s universe?hop on to this bloghop’s site and tell us all about it

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My 14 months old..

jared turned a year and two months old eve of halloween and these are just a few of his baby accomplishments, traits, idiosyncrasies and whatnots:

1.  he turns the computer off especially if mum is so engrossed in playing cafeworld and she can barely notice
2.  he shouts “dede” when he wants to drink milk, and
3.  he reaches out his hands to his drinking bottle’s direction if he wants to drink water
4.  he can now take eight to 12 steps, or more, unsupported or without grasping at things
5.  he now mumbles a lot, albeit mostly still in gibberish, but i sure can tell that he will say his few clear words in no time!
6.  he calls mum “mama” and sometimes, when he is having such a great day, he can also say “da-ddy!”
7.  he calls daddy’s car “toot”, imitating the sound the car’s horn makes
8.  he can focus on the screen for what seemed like eternity, without even blinking, heavy in concentration
9.  he downs 7oz of milk every two hours and
10. seems moody and picky when it comes to his solid food
11. he loves spaghetti and fries!
12. he definitely loves music, just about any type! (the nights spent listening to Mozart and company, prenatal, finally paid off)
13. he knows that he has to throw his ball to get it lighting again
14. he tends to be shy around strangers but will be friendly and smiling once he get the hang of it
15. seems like all he wants to do is to walk, walk and walk
16. he just had his Hepa A vaccine
17. he now weighs a whopping 13 kilograms
18. he loves books and mumbles as he holds one aloft, as if reading aloud!
19. he adores barney’s i love you song
20. and alternates that with elmo’s elmo song
21. and still loves pocoyo to bits!
22  he drinks loads of water daily, too!
23. he says “bab-ba” for bye-bye whilst waiving his hand
24. he seems to enjoy going out and travelling
25  although he sleeps most of the time as we travel by car
26. sometimes it’s way to difficult to have him to fall asleep, but the good old lullaby often does the trick

taking care of a toddlers is such a handful, it does take almost all my time. but i will never trade any moment of this, both good and bad. i simply love being a mother to jared..

i’d love to hear about your toddler’s story…

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