from my mailbox: astro boy postcard

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check out this cool astro boy postcard we got last year. it came from malaysia + mum got it from one of her direct swaps. she loves swapping for postcards with cartoon characters, especially those that she’s sure i will love. we have just watched the astro boy movie so i was introduced to this character. mum said astro boy was already in existence when she was a young boy + there used to be an animated series of him shown on the telly weekly.

i enjoyed watching the astro boy film so i really loved it when we got this postcard. i am sure i will enjoy the cartoon series just as much, hopefully they will come up with a new one or that they would re-release the old series.

do you also love collecting postcards? let me know which interesting cards you received in your mailbox recently + if you’d like to swap with me, right?

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a cool lightning mcqueen postcard!

postcards, lightning mcqueen

i recently received this cool lightning mcqueen postcard in the mail. what’s so special about it? the sender probably cannot find a disney or related card at the time so what she did was pasted this photo of lightning mcqueen onto another postcard + viola! i know have a lightning mcqueen postcard. mum also tried peeling off the photo to see the card underneath + it was a nice north carolina map card, something to add to her collection.

postcards, lightning mcqueen

so, in the end, we got 2 cards from this + we are both happy postcrossers! thanks jessica for sending this + for such a brilliant idea! thanks for using this us flag stamp, too! 😉

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a perfect postcard in celebration of world post day

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today we celebrate world post day. since we are cooped up at home, with no classes + mum having to tackle home chores, i just decided to share something related to the celebration of the day. i received this postcard through in august. don’t you think this card is cute? i particularly like the fun illustration + the catchy colors. 🙂

collections, postcards

this postcard was sent by someone from rotterdam + even put this cool 3d mickey mouse sticker + interesting stamp at the back of the card.

i will share with you the other interesting stuff i got from the mail next time around, in the meantime, i will be delighted if you let me know all about how you celebrated world post day in a comment below! see you! 🙂

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kids in doodles: postcards + a baby


my mum recently discovered a new hobby – collecting postcards! + every week the mailman would come around our place dropping a stack of postcards for her. just like last week. she was to put me to sleep for my afternoon nap + started checking out her newly received postcards, when i thought of something exciting to do!

kids, postcards

i went up from bed + snatched the stack of cards from my mum + went back to bed! of course, she can only shake her head in disapproval. i was looking at the cards one by one. mum said, they have these lovely pictures of places like new york in the u.s.a. + some interesting places in the philippines, too! like baguio + cagayan de oro. she also said she hopes we can visit those places in the future!

i guess my mum liked that i enjoyed checking out her postcards since she quickly took out the camera + snatched some photos of me. as long as i promise not to tear the postcards apart, i think mum will let me play with them some more 😉

what have you been snatching from your mum lately? share it with us here:

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