looking for 30 bloggers to review tmart products

We recently did a review on one of Tmart.com‘s items {you may check it out here} + now they want to get more honest opinions from customers, so they are looking for 30 more bloggers to review their hot, new + unique products. Chosen bloggers will get to receive items free of charge in exchange for their honest opinions.

Here are the products available for review:

  1. Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector {Original price $17.09}
  2. ABS Water Glow Power 7 Colors Changing LED Flash Light Bathroom Hand Held Shower Head {Original price $18.99}
  3. 8 Wheel 3D Fimo Slice Nail Art Decoration Set {Original price $15.80}
  4. 5kg x 1g 1.7″ Digital Weight Kitchen Food Diet Scale H318 White {Original price $28.0}

+ here are the blog requirements:

  1. they are looking for family-friendly domain name blogs with page rank of 1 to 7
  2. blogs has to be indexed by Google
  3. blogs with domain age of more than 6 months and with more than 1,000 Facebook Page followers.
  4. blogs with no gambling, pornography or illegal trading links

This will run until the 28th of January + those who have worked for T-mart before need not apply.

Review rules:

  1. Choose from the products listed above for the ones you like to review.
  2. You may choose more products if you have multiple blogs that meet our requirements
  3. Send an email to cheneyaustin82@yahoo.com with the following details: blog url, the date when your blog started, your chosen product/s
  4. If your blog meets their requirements, they will send you an email to confirm your shipping details. 
  5. Email them once you received the shipped item.
  6. Create a review of the product on your blog + include the following: product image, 2 anchor text links, one linking to tmart.com + the other to the product you are reviewing. Make sure to include “tmart reviews” as keywords, too.
  7. You may choose a number of products depending on the number of blogs you have, choose 2 products to review if you have 2 blogs, etc.

If any of your blogs qualified, do not forget to sign up now, right? 🙂

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product review: tshirtprinting.net

got this parcel from no less than the royal mail (the british counterpart to our local post office) and was thrilled to learn that i got this lovely shirt from tshirtprinting.

what i ♥ about it:

  • the fabric is very nice, soft and comfy to the touch
  • the cheeky monkey design is very cute + made of good quality too, looks like it will withstand frequent washing (high quality silk screen printing)

i went to check their site and found lots of nice stuff: personalized hoodies (i simply love them!), more shirts and even kids’ shirts. and what’s more good stuff is that they have a wide variety of garments and colors you can choose from and in competitive price too!t so if you were ever planning on buying some new t-shirts for the family, or probably wants a custom-made couple shirts for this valentine’s day, don’t forget to drop them a visit or order a free catalog to view their products.

note: i was not compensated for this, i only got the free item for review purposes. all opinions are 100% mine.

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indigo baby’s jar of hope

i have read good reviews on this product and have been wanting to try it myself so i requested this for our newly-established tradition family kris kringle last december. my brother bought it from sesou nature source at Php390 for a 30ml-jar.
in a nutshell:
  • this miracle salve is made out of blue chamomile and essential oils. 
  • an all-around concoction great for mommy + daddy burnouts, stress, insomnia, insect bites, motion sickness, inflammation, rashes, chicken pox, cuts and wounds
  • ideal for fussy babies +  helpful in teething, sore nipples + even breastfeeding!
  • best applied cold (so put it in the fridge when not in use)
my two-cents:
  • jared bumped his forehead a few days back and it was immediately swollen, i put this salve instead of ice and it worked, the bump is gone the next day!
  • since this is 100% natural, i have peace of mind applying it to any part of my son’s body
  • replaces a host of other baby ointments i was using for (like petroleum jelly and the likes)
  • i inhale a whiff (a la vicks vaporub) whenever i have colds and it’s very safe i can even have my son do that too:)  
  • the only downside is it is quite pricey for a 30ml salve, but really worth it since peace of mind and your baby’s safety is priceless, right? so, i give it my two thumbs up!
image from indigobaby
if you’d like to try indigo baby’s jar of hope, do hop on to indigobaby   to order online or to view their other interesting and all-natural products.
note: i was not compensated, either monetary or otherwise, in doing this review. i am simply posting it in the hope to aid other mummies like me out there, in their never-ending quests for earth-friendly, baby approved products:)
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