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this summer there is no room for boredom as there are loads of awesome + interesting stuff we can do to make the most of our vacation. reading is something i really enjoy doing so i was excited that mum signed up for Diksyonaryo Atbp.’ s Summer Reading Camp.

this year, the Summer Reading Camp will be held in 2 days in 2 different locations:

  1. Kanlungan ng Sining, Luneta Grounds {23 May, Saturday}
  2. Fern Garden, QC Circle {30 May, Saturday}

the Reading Camp will include storytelling, group storytelling, read-aloud, as well as art activities for all the children participants. our mums + titas can also sign up as volunteer readers + usherettes for the camp. this summer activity is open for kids 4-12 years of age + you can all sign up for free!

register, + read the details of the Summer Camp, here! see you at the Reading Camp! 

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my new lightning mcqueen magazine

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mum got me this new cars 2 magazine at the expo kid last saturday. we were browsing around when  i wander off into a lightning mcqueen standee in one of the booths + mum saw this treat! 🙂  i love this publication, not only does it feature one of my faves, lightning mcqueen, but it also features a lot of other characters from the cars sequel, like my other favorite, tow mater + sally, plus the new characters shu, holly, fin, + so much more.

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not only does it have a lot of great photos, it also include loads of activities which i hope to do once i am big enough, + yep, a whole new pin up of cool cars 2 stickers which i can stick to my stuff or any place i fancy.

the mag + me were inseparable at the event, i guess it was a good thing since mum was able to listen well to the speaker who is talking about the benefits of homeschooling, while i busy myself with my new stuff 😉

added any stuff on your lighning mcqueen collection lately? 🙂

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kids in doodles: silence please, the little boy is reading

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last december mum bought me these disney graphic novels from one of those sites that sells vouchers, it was a set of 6 disney graphic novels that sells for half the price. it was suppose to be one of mum’s christmas gifts for me, but we were able to get it only last week, so i guess it was a belated valentine’s gift from mum 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, reading, books, my favorite thingskids in doodles, kids, toddlers, reading, my favorite things, books

my 6 graphic novels include my favorites, cars, together with up, toy story 2, wall-e, the princess + the frog + ratatouille. mum was so amused that when they gave me my new books for me to check out, i was sitting in complete silence for more than half an hour, with my nose buried on lightning mcqueen’s very first adventure. 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, reading, my favorite things, books

mum said i looked like a grown up child who is actually reading the comic book, instead of just browsing through the illustration. with a photo like this, who can really tell, right? 😉 as of now, me + my cars graphic novel is inseparable + it is the first thing i ask for when i wake up in the morning, except for my milk, of course 😀

it is your turn to share your doodles stories with us. grab a badge here + do not forget to visit as many participants as you can. + while you’re here, do join our cloud b twilight turtle giveaway, right? 🙂

good night everyone 🙂

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of passions + voracious reading

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i have always been a voracious reader, from the sweet beautiful fairy tales to sweet valley high, from my favorite precious pages tagalog romance novels by martha cecilia (which by the way recently had a very disappointing boob tube adaptation – i’ll write about that on a separate post!) to shakespeare and other classic greats like george orwell and charles dickens, from the heart-stopping thriller of sidney sheldon to the mind-bending suspense novels of dan brown, from the poetry in prose by paolo coelho to mitch albom’s tearjerker, from the girlie chic lits of sophie kinsella to the bloody vampire tales of stephenie meyer to my all-time favorites by jk rowling, and now to smart parenting magazines and other parenting-related handbooks, i have read them all. i remember those days when i would stay up till 5 am just so i can finish a new paperback or those days when i’d be rattling excitedly to my friends as we discuss our new favorite novels.

Read the Printed Word!

today, although my passion has to take the backseat to give way to my new found one – motherhood + my baby, ethan jared, i try to have some pocket me-times so i can read a novel. i try to finish a book per month at least or if i get luckier maybe even more. i’m currently reading dan brown’s the lost symbol and as usual, it is another nerve-wracking, unputdownable read.i am now on page 472 of this 671-page blockbuster and i can’t wait to finish it, only to feel a little lonely in the end, hoping i can read some more. weird, right?

how about you, what are your passions, answer that and join:

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