got a new haircut from peppermint kid salon

we went to sm aura to visit a recently opened salon, peppermint kid salon and spa boutique. mum won a slot for a spa party at the place in one of the blog giveaways she joined. it sure is one cool place to visit + one great kid salon to have a haircut.

it has all the ingredients of one salon every kid will enjoy, just check out the cool christmas decor, those huge gifts + the other display. they even had a stack of legos for the little ones to tinker on while waiting for their turn to be served. there is also a lovely nook behind the main salon area for mums + dads to have some pampering of their own while their little ones get groomed.

what caught my attention + what drove me to volunteer to have a haircut is this  cool airplane barber chair. i did have a wonderful time sitting on it while the friendly kuya give my hair some tlc.

apart from a haircut, they also offer manicure and pedicure services for the kids, as well as lice treatments. if you happen to be anywhere near the vicinity, i hope you check out peppermint salon a visit. i enjoyed my experience there too much, am giving this kid salon two thumbs up! 😉

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kids yoga with teacher ria

services for children, yoga, yoga for kids, kids

a friend of mum’s is having a kids yoga class this weekend. am sure mum would’ve loved to join if only we were not scheduled for another event at that day. you might be luckier and if you want to attend, check out the details below and don’t forget to let your mum know, ayt? 😉

What ~ Kids Yoga with Teacher Ria

Where ~ Beyond Yoga,BHS Central

When ~ Saturday, 15 December, 2-3pm

Rate ~ Php 300

if you have not tried yoga for kids, now is the best time to give it a shot. i may not have actually done yoga myself, but i’ve been surrounded with too many people doing yoga and i’d say it has a very positive effect on people. save the date and try it, i know you will thank me for it! 😉

 to reserve your slot, kindly call these numbers: 0917-629-9642 or 5533699!

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