on eating my solids

solid food, toddler eating

i had quite a struggle with solid feeding for awhile. i am simply so attached to my bottle i do not want to take anything else, especially the hard, non-solid ones – they create a very unpleasant feeling in my throat whenever i take a bite. or sometimes, the alien taste is so unwelcome in my tongue i’d prefer to throw them up!

those were the days, now, mum is simply delighted i take a bite of every food she offers. i now practically eat everything that is served to me, including fish, rice, soup (which is my true love), veggies, fries + others. last saturday mum was all ears when i grabbed a bite of the chicken nugget she gave me. the grown ups had takeaways from mcdonalds for dinner, my tito + tita had burgers + fries, while mum had chicken nuggets + fries. of course, i was not able to finish one whole piece but as long as i am munching on my solids my mum is a happy mum.

i’d probably have to be weaning when i turn 2. mum read somewhere that babies who took to the bottle longer that usual are prone to cavities + tooth decay + i surely do not want that to happen to my pearly whites. but mum also thinks there will be more time to enjoy solids when i am a bit bigger, so she’s just letting me enjoy my bottle for now.besides, i so love my milk it will be hard work to totally say goodbye. well, i guess we’ll see in a few weeks 😉

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