fun kiddie morning ritual

we have added a fun addition to our usual morning ritual. apart from mum greeting me a good morning {which i tried to return as best as i can – am still learning how to say “good morning” so i say something that sounds much like it, to greet my mum in return} coupled with a few kisses here + there, i included elmo + aslan to the ritual, so mum has to greet + kiss them both, too! πŸ™‚

aside from our kiss + greet, this beautiful abc song from elmo + india arie is also a part of our morning ritual. am learning to say my abc’s + even if i can’t pronounce all the letter of the alphabet just yet, i can finish this song πŸ™‚

good morning one + all, care to share your favorite morning ritual ? πŸ˜›

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the itsy bitsy spider video

we were bored + mum was searching in youtube for nursery rhymes last week. she stumbled upon this cute + colorful video of itsy, bitsy spider. this is actually one of the very first nursery rhymes that my mum would sing to me during playtime + i love this song! especially when mum would pretend her fingers were the spider + would tickle my legs pretending they were the water spout. i would usually erupt into peals of laughter for being tickled.

even now that i am a bit older, this nursery rhyme has never lost its touch. in a few weeks time, maybe i can learn the actions to go with the song.

happy weekend everyone πŸ˜‰




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music monday: Richard Marx – Angel’s Lullaby

i was bloghopping one early sunday morning whilst keeping watch of my son, who is a little bit under the weather recently due to colds and cough, when i chanced upon this blog hop and i just can’t wait to make my first ever entry. see, i am a music lover to the hilt and what a lovely way to celebrate my two passion, music and blogging thru a bloghop – music monday  of lady java.
here is my very first music monday post, the song i sing to jared as i lull him to sleep even before he was even born. i just love richard marx and am glad that he has one song fit for a parent like me that i can sing to my baby all the time. i just love the lyrics and the beautiful melody, well of course, this is richard marx we are talking about. he is such a musical genius!
Angel’s Lullaby by Richard Marx
I was never alive
Till the day I was blessed with you
When I hold you late at night
I know what I was put here to do
I turn off the world
And listen to you sigh
And I will sing my Angel’s Lullaby
Know I’m forever near
The one you can always call
Right now all you know to fear
Are the shadows on your wall
i’m here close enough
To kiss the tears you cry
And I will sing my Angel’s Lullaby
So tell me how to stop the years from racing
Is there a secret someone knows
l never catch all the memories
i’m chasing
i’ll never be ready to let go
And when the world seems cold
And you feel that all of your strength is gone
There may be one tiny voice
Your reason to carry on
And when I’m not close enough
To kiss the tears you cry
You will sing your Angel’s Lullaby
now what is your favorite lullaby to your baby, do link up and visit lady java’s, enjoy!
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