playing with my stuffed friends

toys, stuffed toys, playtime, kidsstuffed toys, toys, playtime, kids

happiness is playing with my stuffed friends whenever i had a chance, which is just about everyday ­čÖé + as i have told you in my previous post, i was evading my afternoon nap + found something fun + worthwhile ┬áto do.

here are some of the photos of me with my other stuffed toys which mum took. that first one is the kung fu panda stuff toy, poh! we won it from a blog giveaway last year {check out the details here}.┬áthe second photo is that of ┬átiger, my brown tiger stuff toy which was given to me by one of mum’s blogger friend, tita joy, along with another interesting toy.

stuffed toys, toys, playtime, kidsstuffed toys, toys, kids, playtime

the 3rd photo is that of me +┬ámy friend, horsie, who’s actually a seahorse. we saw him from the mall a few months back, i wouldn’t let it down, thus mum had no choice but to buy it for me. i love its nice blue shade ­čÖé + the┬álast photograph is that of┬á┬áme + piggy, which was also a prize mum got from one of those online giveaways she joined last year, it’s a character in that angry birds game which we are not really familiar! ┬á^_^

sharing my tiger toy with thursday brownies + my first time to join:

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my new stuffed friend

toys, stuffed toys, my favorite things, kids

check out my new stuffed friend ~ fishy! she is a green dolphin which mum got for me when we visited manila ocean park last december. she reminds me of all the fish + other sea creatures we saw in that place that day. they are all colorful + we had a great time watching them as they swim around.

i really love stuffed animals that is why mum makes it a point to get me one whenever we visit a new place.  she also put them on my playpen so i can play with them whenever i want to. i also sleep beside them during my late afternoon nap times.

stuffed toys, toys, my favorite things, kids

am sure my other stuffed friends will enjoy fishy’s company + we’ll have loads of fun time playing together. am guessing mum will buy me a new stuffed toy soon, hopefully she’ll get me one of those┬áminiature teddy bears, or a pocoyo plush or maybe that big-as-i-am mickey mouse┬ádoll we saw at the mall when we went there for our christmas shopping. i would love to have one of those + am sure my stuffed playmates will be delighted to have him as a new friend ­čśÇ

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