kids in doodles 06: cool dude jared

baby, shadesi was just a few months old in these photos + it was one of those days when my dad, probably for lack of better things to do or maybe because he just finds me way too cute + adorable (don’t you agree?), volunteered me to try his sunglasses on. yup, the unwilling victim. what can i do, i was just a little tot here + there is only i can do to protest. but i guess, i enjoyed wearing dad’s shades since they were able to photograph me with it on.

baby, shades

nowadays, i simply refuse to try this glasses on, but would coax it on my dad’s whenever i got the chance to. oh, + did i mention, the shades are now lying in my dad’s car compartment, waiting to be glued together. yup, i managed to break it the last time i was playing with it + bugging my dad to wear it. my bad! i guess, dad just have to figure out how to put it together.  sorry sunnies, sorry dad 🙁


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